Zebra LP 2844 on a Mac

Mac OS 10.5.2 and later includes the appropriate drivers for using the Zebra LP 2844. This means that all Apple users can easily configure, configure, and use the Zebra tag printer. The settings are simple, as follows:

Direct driver support is available for the Zebra LP 2844. In the past, manufacturers and customers had to find or set up their own work or to purchase cost-pushing packages.

Setting up a printer for an Apple Macintosh user:

– Prepare your Zebra LP 2844 on your Mac using the supplied USB cable.

-Go to print setting. From there, you just select the right driver.

Selecting Driver Settings in Print Options

– When using Zebra LP 2844, select the same printer typically provided by UPS, DHL or Fed Ex, select " Zebra EPL2 Label Printer 1.3 Driver "

Label Label Printing from Filemaker

-Selecting a New Layout in Layouts —> New Layout / Report …

– Find and Find Label Type , then press the following button.

– Set up the layout using the custom label sizes you use. For example, if you print a 4 "to 6" tag, which is typical, make sure you enter the correct sizes and omit any page margins.

– Select which fields to print to the layout, and then click on the next item.

– Now click the targeting button and return to Layout Mode.

– Select File —> Page Setup. Select the size of the correct label and press OK.

– You are now ready to print on your Zebra LP 2844 and Mac. Select File —> Print. Press the Print button to print a label

Enjoy the ease of use, wide customization, speed, and reliability of the Zebra 2844.

Source by Michael Petrone

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