Zara Clothing for children

The Zara Society was founded by Amancio Ortega Gaina. He is not only the 8th richest person in the world (according to Forbes), but also the world's largest fashion company. The company was founded in 1975 in Corunna. The mother of the company – Inditex Group (Industrial of Diso Textile Sociedad Anynima in Spanish) has had little effect on Zara's Zara Zara Zara – Zara had always been pioneers, and their owners do not usually care what Zara does, as long as it's profitable. Their first shop on Corunna main street was a great success, and the brand expanded to other cities in the 1990s, afterwards to Portugal and finally – to the UK. Now Zara stores around the world, and they continue to expand.

The company has reached the highest volume of sales recently, as its popularity in the fashion world is enormous. There are more than 1,500 shops in over 70 countries and new ones are opened every year. Zara's unique clothing and accessories are sold successfully in a wide range of costumes, across barriers of culture, politics and nations on their way to customers. The team, which is only less than 300 designers, is finishing the entire world of fashion in terms of productivity, as it only takes two weeks to produce and deliver new clothing in stores.

There are over 11,000 new wardrobes manufactured each year. The company has a productivity file that strikes opponents & # 39; company at least 3 times. The product range changes every month in the UK, so you can visit the store every month and find out everything is new. The company's latest business is selling children's clothes. The shops are called Kiddy Class and they are found in some parts of Europe; and even as the company plans to expand more.

Design of clothes for children is a completely new market. Interest in this new market has risen sharply in recent years, with the tendency among famous people to dress their children like them. Of course, ordinary parents want to do exactly the same as to let their children stand. Zara products are a mixture of traditional and innovative clothing. Do not waste your time, try Zara clothing today!

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