Your voice is my command – Apple's 4th story

Is there an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning? Well, no longer need to use the traditional alarm clock. The new generation Apple 4s phone has advanced voice recognition technology and when asked the phone, "At 6 o'clock I have to catch a flight, get up at 4 o'clock." It will call you at 4:00 with a voice message, "Awake, 4 o'clock at 6 o'clock."

This new generation phone is a virtual assistant. Can you find restaurants when you ask? Are there restaurants here? Quickly looking for information and answers: "I've found a number of restaurants" and if you add "Hmm, what's the pasta and the chicken?" Briefly lists restaurants and displays Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. If you have lost your way in the wilderness, it will make you find the way.

Apple 4s uses a variety of web resources, including Yelp and Wolfram Alpha. Use Web resources and maps to find the current location. Various applications on Apple 4 phone can write or send e-mail messages or texts based on user dictation. In the "Search Gifts on the Internet" phone, you can quickly and quickly display the results of the search engine, supported by a 14.4 Mbps downlink packet access technology supported by the manufacturer from the phone manufacturer.

The phone's dictating functions are synchronized with many external applications. Allows users to update Facebook status, beeps, write and share photos on shared platforms. However, voice recognition supports only three languages ​​in English, German and French. The 8 megapixel dot and camera feature high-resolution, impressive images that allow users to print large 8 "x 10" images.

The HD video quality of your phone makes the movie experience enjoyable. If you want to allow a person to call a video call in a contact list, you can press the Face Time button to initiate video conferencing, just "Face Time" and "# 39; The video display options are landscape and landscapes. The advantage of the phone is that your custom applications are compatible other Apple third-generation phones, allowing users to send unlimited text messages, images, and videos

The Apple 4s' advanced technology chip is faster and the phone's excellent wireless system receives and transmits very high-speed antennas between two aerials. Provides 8 hours of talk time for third-generation and 14-hour second-generation phones Allows users to watch videos continuously for 10 hours As they work on both GSM and CDMA network platforms, Apple 4s are truly international black phone with user-friendly features.

Apple 4s iPhones can be ordered online at a very competitive price and can be ordered for more than 500 destinations in India.

Source by Raj H Ahuja

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