Your smartphone – It's the "YOU" engine – not the "ME" engine

Your smartphone changes the paradigm – and allows you to develop your own virtual assistant just for your "needs." It all started with & # 39; Search & # 39; – an interesting opportunity for & # 39; you & # 39; to find and discover – but a better opportunity for & nbsp; me & # 39; advertiser. It hurts me suddenly & # 39; me & # 39; easy to reach & # 39; in places where I was never allowed to travel. But is the search really personal – allow you to make a better, informed choice? Often with search – credibility and trust is involved – and because we have the growth of a social network. Right now – what if you're intelligent and real – personal assistant & # 39; (VPA) Who Created on Smart Phone? The & amp; heila & # 39; of VPA would be Ai – both for general and market use of the domain. The & # 39; reach & # 39; of VPA would be an API (interface) to many of your favorite brands and service providers. The & # 39; trust and credibility & # 39; Could have verification tests and trusted circles like Facebook, etc.

I remember CMU 5 years ago, saying: "We've spent the last 10 years making people like computers – let's spend the next 10 computers more like men! Someone who understands your needs and you can trust? "Human central computing is an age because of the highly improved interactive approach, such as" natural language processing "- whether in speech or through text. Think about all the tasks you have: to order, buy, remember and timing – and realize that the next machine must be a "YOU" machine and not a "ME" machine.

Think about creating your own video Avatar – it's personal just for you. After all :

– Body Language accounts for more than 55% of communication – Toner 38% – with the words being only 7% of your total bids – I really need to see and listen to you. No more "lost in translations", just capture the audience.

– Your avatar will add an additional 200 to 300% more customer knowledge. Knowledge of customers leads to customer retention – and to people who are so willing to share personal information – your own birthday will only increase this knowledge.

– Your avatar becomes a fellowman – not just a quest or a decision maker – but a true affiliate.

– Your avatar will build a Trust. Trust is the key. Studies show that when things govern interaction, people trust the information more than in the same relationship without personality. By providing payment information, personal information or other sensitive content, your avatar will ensure "peace of mind" and a better customer experience.

The idea that we will see with real assistants is to give them access to your preferences, tastes, accounts, Facebook profiles, iTunes lists and contacts become the cornerstone that enables cheaper – faster – faster decision making. The point is that your virtual assistant will definitely be: "Greetings" and not me.

GetABBY (Real Assistant Company) is making your life simple in the next few years.

Source by Brett D. Miller

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