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We all want to fly over the storms of life and it's possible, but knowing that your focal point is the key. There will always be a storm, but you can choose to be on earth, battle them or you can add the natural law that controls the earthly by reaching a lift and leaving the ground, with its storms, far below you.

Your personal scene is the place where you get a lift and start the ascension from the ground of your situation to the clear blue sky above the clouds. It is different for us all, this revolutionary force that brings us through the clouds, and it is often different from day to day. So, how do you know what your Power Point is? Here are some clues.

It's the place you're facing. It's the moment you decide that fear no longer has the power to paralyze you. If you have to go on fear of digging there are talons in your back then you will. It is the power point called courage. That's when you become truly invincible.

That's the point where you release this ancient grudge. When you begin to see that your lack of forgiveness will poison you except you and realize that no matter how wrong you were, the fool you think is turning your heart to a rock will you soar.

It's the point where you give up control and start to trust what you know to be truth. Very few of us really lack the knowledge about the truth – we just refuse to survive, rather to take what seems to be the easy way. Look at the truth, acknowledge it and then commit to ordering your life accordingly and you will not be able to resist uprising.

It is the matter that you acknowledge and accept your purpose and mission and step into it a lot. When you find that your life is not an accident and you have reason to be here, a job to do, your power will be your driving battle.

That's the point you set goals for your vision, wings to your dreams. Driven by your vivid visions and willingly ending everything by overtaking them, you have to go to the ceiling of those who are still stuck in search of comfort and well-being in life.

It's the point you see that it's not necessary to know it all, learn it all or understand it all before you swim. It's enough to know that the law of the elevator works when circumstances come together. You do not have to wait for a flight until you fully understand how it works. It's enough to know that it will happen.

That's the thing that lets you love freely, leave yourself abandoned, do not expect anything instead. And that's the point where the needs and concerns of others will be a personal problem for you.

It's the matter that you decide to work in integrity no matter what everyone else is doing or how it looks, gain clarity.

It's a matter of making a quality decision, no more waffling and starting to live because you view your movements in view of purpose and project and are willing to change yourself and nobody else. It is the moment you take responsibility for and remove the word EN from your vocabulary.

Get a lift on your personal life, relationships and your career. You can turn your machines all you want and you can even start moving down the runway. But until you find this point of power, you're going nowhere and you'll never get up or experience the joy of looking at the earth to go away beneath you as you point to the endless sky-no longer earthly.

Your greatest potential is realized at your own discretion. You were designed to soar. If you find ground, start today to determine what is sapping your power and then take the necessary steps to get rid of it. If you are soaring when experiencing the excitement that works above the storm, do not forget those who are still on earth. You have the secret; do not be fierce Find someone who's stuck and help them get on the platform!

Consider the following set of simple rules. Survive them work on them daily and do not make mistakes of confusing simple easily.

5 Simple Rules to Live By:

Just Survive.

Save your heart from hatred.

Save your mind from worry.

Give your thoughts. more.

Expect more about yourself and less of others.

Call for action: We would love to hear from you! What are your points and how have you experienced a lift? Send us your experience in this field. We want to encourage other readers with your story. We will keep your name if you want. But keep in mind that another Power Point is sharing the truths you have learned and experienced for yourself.

That's just justice!

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Source by Karin Syren

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