You can now close your smartphone even when it's on

The solution is quite old indeed. Small cloth with very fine silver threads, which works as Faraday Cage (invented in 1836) when you use it to wrap your smartphone. It works for any brand of the phone, its simple and elegant … its phonekerchief !

That's how this cool accessory is called. sells it only for 15 US dollars. Whenever you need to make you unreachable by phone, simply wrap it in phonekerchief and remove it when you can use it again.

A phonekerchief may have other, more minority groups. We've all been through family gatherings, festivals, birthdays and other occasions where phones rang, some and children were text like crazy instead of spending quality time together as they should have family events.

You can simply put some music on the table and kindly ask your family to temporarily disable real connections for the benefit of the real ones. Or give it to your girlfriend, just to remind her that its operators will seriously reduce your "time together" quality.

Unilateral or other, the handset is a very simple solution to turn off the phone's connection without turning it off, as well as inviting others to do it politely.

Just remember that phonekerchief only works if it is wrapped around your phone without any gaps present. Otherwise, Faraday Cage phenomenon can not occur.

Phonekerchief does not look prominent, actually it seems like a normal handkerchief, unless a big "phone is for you" message written on what makes you understand the difference. Keep it somewhere where others can see it will only let them know you're there to stay with them and 100% committed to the time you spend.

Phonekerchief has only one heights. Missed calls can not be registered unless the caller sends a message. It may be that it is not the best solution when you are expecting an important call, but that does not mean that it may not be useful in many cases. It's also a unique fun gift that you can give to practice some friends or family members (because who does not have the phone these days?).

No matter how much you are using your smartphone, if you use one and you are not reading regular smartphone news you may miss a lot of useful information. From new applications and phone worms to OS updates and hidden features and settings, all of which can help you make even more use of your smartphone.

Source by Cezar M Renta

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