You can earn money with mobile apps

Were you going to create your own great game or dream application for your iPhone or iPad? Making money with mobile applications is such a clever idea.

Step One: Learn about the system. Study and think. You can determine which type and platform you want to develop a mobile app. Currently, the largest mobile app store comes from the Apple App Store. There are also Nokia Ovi Store and Android Market. Select the platform and register as a developer. You need to have access to your own devices for developing mobile apps and to advertise your ads at the application store you have chosen. Selecting the most appropriate platform tells you what steps you need to improve the application you want.

Step Two: Think of the App. Collect great ideas. Learn programming languages ​​such as Qt, Java, Python, Obective-C, and Apple's patented X-code development language. You can win it once to register or join a developer program. You can also visit W3Schools' websites to find out about such programs.

3rd Step: Create an application. You have the idea, it's time for your idea to become reality. Construction and testing. If you have a budget, get a professional programmer to help with programming languages. Websites such as should be used to search freelance programmers. It is best to have one, especially if you do not experience the development of applications.

4th Add to the App Store on days, not weeks. Profit is everyday. Determine pricing. The standard price of the application ranges from 99 cents to $ 10. Decide whether to download the app for free for a certain period of time and if you want to "upgrade" or stand up, you have to pay a price. Or you can afford free initial downloads and then charge a monthly fee

Last but one advice: If you really want the application to be successful, always make sure your idea is unique. The application should also be user-friendly and above all attractive and exciting.

Also, make sure that if you have an idea for an application, you should do so immediately! Never waste your time, because new ideas can only be out of date one or two days. Or someone else can beat you.

Source by Edgardo Berones

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