XiaoMi Yi M1 Mirrorless Camera User Experience

Have you ever heard of the Mirrorless camera, XiaoMi Yi M1? Today I want to say something about this new device. And I hope this article will be useful to you when choosing the XiaoMi Yi M1 mirror camera or something like this.


Talking about XiaoMi Yi M1, We need to know about her settings above all. This innovation comes with Sony IMX269 sensor, loose M4 / 3 Bayonet, 20.16 million pixels and 3-inch touch screen with 1.04 million pixels. With the exception of the latest hardware upgrade, the value of focus point 81 is improved, to improve focus speed and accuracy.


Yi M1 is said to be a special Mirrorless camera for smartphone users. If you use the phone frequently to take pictures, M1 is very easy to use for you. The 3-inch touchscreen is created for this purpose. On this screen you can touch focus, select exposure, shutter speed, and take other actions. On the body of Yi M1, we can not find a common aperture, shutter speed and other mechanical switches. All of these features are incorporated into the touchscreen. With the screwdriver at the top of the device, it is possible to achieve the most efficient parameter adjustment.


The current features of Yi M1 are only two to start, but the number of other lens groups has increased significantly due to the use of M4 / 3 bayonets. All M4 / 3 lenses from Panasonic, Olympus can be connected to M1. The 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 lens would be enough to take pictures for daily use, which corresponds to 24-80mm focal lengths, which is appropriate for most day viewers. And the 42.5mm F1.8 lens is more suitable for portraits. Larger aperture and 85mm match will be more convenient to shoot pictures with Bokeh, focusing on the portrait. As shown, the image quality of the XiaoMi Yi M1 42.5mm lens is not sharp enough. And when the aperture is at its peak, the purple edge is obvious.


Nevertheless, the XiaoMi Yi M1 Mirroring Camera delivers a remarkable performance. Particularly, it would be a good choice for heavy users of the smartphone. What's more, this low-profile camera is a great option for beginners of digital SLR and those who do not request enhanced high quality image quality.

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