WoW Skinning Leveling Guide 1-450

WoW skinning
So you want to cuddle? Sure, your voice is kewl, and you're ringing after your own clutter. Then why not? And I totally agree.

But before you start racing, if you want to see the little hairy mob, read this first one to tell you how to raise it to a faster level! Because it's the only thing that's like skinning, a more even wrinkle.

Where to Start
The most important thing here you need to know is Trainers, Items (bags) and Leather Types. Cover the basics.

Everywhere, both for the Alliance and for the Horde. So where do you find them? Here is a list of the starting points of the Alliance and the Horde and the appropriate skinning tutors.

From the series you can learn from these instructors:

(Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan)

Note: These are all around the original World of Warcraft game.

o NightElf (m), Radnaal Maneweaver – Northwest Etil Hollow – Teldrassil

– Craft Terrace – Darnassus

o Man (f), Wilma Ranthal – Stonewatch (19659003) o Human Waterfall – Redridge Mountains

o NightElf (f), Jayla – Silverwind Refuge – Ashenvale

o Furblog, Gurf – Stillpine Moon – Azuremyst Isle

– The Tiers – The Exodar

Horde Skinning Trainer

o Dead (m), Rand Rhobart – Brill Southeast – Tirisfal Glades

; Quarter – Undercity

o Tauren (m), Yonn Deepcut – Bloodhoof Village – Mulgore

o Tauren (f), Mooranta – Middle rise – Thunder Bluff

o Orc (m), Thuwd (19659003) o BloodElf (m), Tauren (m), Dranh – Camp Taurajo – a Barrens

o Troll (m), Malux – Shadowprey Village – Desolace

, Mathreyn (adults only) – West of Silvermoon Entrance – Eversong Woods

o BloodElf (f) Silvermoon

Tools (Items):
Okay, now you've learned your skinning skills and are ready to wait, wait for a moment. You need some tools. Egypt is the game's terms and conditions.

o (Required) Shear Knife

o (Recommended, but Optional)
You can pull without knocking when you are attacking a sword, knife or sword. But only to a certain level, and it only releases 1 luggage space. And YES, you have to wear the stinging knife with you.
This is why many are "so good that they can be used to store all skin and scratching knife, and BIG." Another great advantage. "

Skin types:
I've seen this somewhere and I thought it was very interesting The list of all the original types of the World of Warcraft and the level of mobs that they are expecting There are only a kind of stretchable skin available in the expansions

o Damaged skin chips – : 1-16

o Light Skin – Expected Mobility Level: 1-27

o Light Helmet – Expected Mob Level: 10-27


o Heavy Leather – Expected Mobility Level: 25 O Heavy Hide – Expected Mob Levels: 25-46 [19659003] o Thick Hiding – Expected Mob Levels: 40-59

o Flexible Skin – Expected Mobility: 43-63

o Robust Hiding – expected mo b level: 47-63

Note: You can refresh your skin with skin work. Sometimes I would give it to a guild or friend in return for some leather goods.

It's okay to get the crunch!
Okay, so we got the skills, we got the tools, we learned a little about raw skincare. So now we need to know where to start. Well, if you do this with a new game, then 1st place is a big enough place to kill a mob. But here is a list of proposed areas that really help to speed up this process.

o Horns

o Deaths – Brilliant Dead

o Orcs and Trolls – Spotted Bows and Scorpids around Senegal Village

o Tauren – The Wanderers and anglers in the vicinity of the Bloodhoof Village

o People – Gold around Gold

o Gnomes and Dwarves – Southern Crag Boars and Wendigo Kharanos

o Night Elves – Dolanaar

Horde [19659003] o Undead – Worgs and Moonrage Glutons around Silverpine

o Orcs and Trolls – Wild Boars, Scorpids, Crocolisks and Raptors around Orgrimmar [19659003] o Tauren – Prowlers and Praire wolves around Thunderbluff

o People – Prowlers and Bears around the Eastvale Logging Camp

o Gnomes and Dwarves – Wolves around the village of Brenwall o Night fairies – Moonstalkers and Bears around Auberdine


o People – Goretusks around Sentinel Hill

o Gnomes

o Gnomes and dwarves – Bears and crocodiles around Thelsamar

o Night fairies – Moonstalkers and bears in the northern Auberdine

Level of skinning 100-130

o Most Horde races – Stormsnouts and Thunderhawks Circuit Camp Taurajo

o Most Alliance Tournaments – Crocolisks and Raptors at the Bluegill Marsh and Whelgar Site

o Alternatives – Rainbow and Wild Boar Lakeshire

the Hordes have three areas to their level now

o Bears and mountain lions at the foot of Hillsbrad

o In Duskwood, the ravines and wolves

o Bears, animals and ghosts in Ashenvale

Skinnin g 150-170
Alliance and Horde

o Yeti cave in Hillsbrad fields

o Mountain lions on the "daggers" 19659018] NB: These are the areas between the Hillsbrad and Alterac Mountains, known as Corrons Dagger, so nicknamed in a thousand pens (Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale)

Leveling between 170-180 [19659002] Alliance and the Horde

o Raptors in the Arathi Mountains

o Turtles and Basilis in Glittering Homes

Levels of Skinning between 180-220
Alliance and the Horde

o Raptors, Panthers and tigers around Nessingwarys camp in Stranglethorn Vale
Note: Reaching STVs up to 300 can be achieved since the mob ranges from level 34 to level 50

] o Raptors and Crocs Dustwallow Marsh

o Thunder Lizards, Kodos, Basilis, Scorpids and D Singers in Desolace

o Cramps in the Swamps

Levels between skinning 220-250
Alliance and the Horde

o The Raptors and Gorillas in the Gurabashi Arena

o Panthers, Jaguars, and Crocs in the Swamp Marsh

o The Dragonkin, the Coyotes and the Ridge Stalkers in the Badlands

o Wolves at the Feathermoon Fort in Feralas [19659003] Level between skinning between 250 and 275
Alliance and the Horde [19659003] o Plums and scammers on the northern rocks

o Plums and gryphons in the hinterland

o Animals and hippogrifs in Azshara

o Hippogrifias, Monkeys, Bears, Wolves, Wizards, and Yetis Feralas

Leveling Down between 275-300
Alliance and the Horde, there are many choices here, try your skill:

o Jagueros and Gorilla on Jaguero Island
NB: where Princess Poobah is held [19659003] o Still, Chimeras and Bear in Winterspring

o Bears in Western Plagueland

o Plaguehounds and Plaguebats in East Plagueland

o The Raventusk Village in the Hinterland Turtles

o Turtles and Azsharan Ovens [19659003] o Dragon, Worgs and Scorpids Burning Steppes

Okay, I told you I'll take you up to 450. Well, here's the Burning Crusade Skinning Guide. From this point on, the same two factions.

Level of skinning 300-330

o Hellbears and Ravagers around the Hellfire Peninsula

Leveling the skinning in 330-350

o Talbuk ; s and Clefthoofs throughout Nagrand
NB: it is possible that until the skinning remains here until 375, without any change.

o The Austrians around the Stormspire at Netherstorm

o The Netherdrakes around the Netherwing Fields in the Shadowmoon Valley

o Raptors and Wind Serpents around Blades Edge Mountains

] And here is my World of Warcraft infamous guide to the Wrath of a Lich King.

Levels between skirmishes between 375 and 405

o Shoveltusks around the Howling fjord

Leveling the gap between 375-405

o Mamut around Borean Tundra
Note: There are usually dead holes here

Leveling between skinning 405-430

o Deer, infected grizzly bears, wolves and everything else on the grizzly mountains

Level of skinning between 430-450

o Giraffes, Mangal Crocolisks , Gorilla and a lot of things in the Sholazar Basin

Okay, and this is one of the best places for high-level jobs from 1 to 450 fast enough. I think the quickest I saw someone to do in about 9 hours. Feel free to tell your score. And if you can prove it, I'm going to write a strange thing about your techniques!

Anatomy Master
I remember mentioning this and since WotLK there are no levels of skill and character limitations. So if you want to make a twink @ 19, you can still do it cunning, up to 450!

o (75-149) Master Anatomy Grade 1 – Increase Critical Strike by 3

o (150-224) Anatomical Master Grade 2 – Increase Critical Blow 6

o (225- 229) Anatomy 3rd Degree – Increases Critical Impact by 9

o (300-374) Anatomical Master's Degree Level 4 – Increases Critical Impact by 12

o (375-449)

o (450+) Anatomical Master Degree 6 – Raises Critical Blow to 32

Okay, now I hope this guide was useful to you and your skin in Warcraft.

Source by Johnny Dominic

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