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From Steven Hall MCoH MaSC NLP AoCOPMaster Coach Cosmic Order Practitioner for AoCOP Fellow of the Institute of Holistic Therapies Member of the Union Stress Consultants NLP Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist

For a while, I decided to do a CRAZY EXPERIMENT. I wanted to show that you can use the law of attraction to work a car.

Before the experiment, I found a volunteer who had already watched the secret, but was very struggling to get positive results using the Law of Attraction. 19659002] To help her work a brand new car (and later on vacation), I managed her a simple process (which I describe in Wishing Well).

She was incredibly precise. She chose to show Metallic Black Alfa Romeo MiTo. She even chose the model (The top spec 1.4 Lusso model) and took out any wheel she wanted.

She then followed my simple instructions to attract her to her life.

In the next two weeks, the universe transformed itself into making its desire a reality. After about 2 weeks, she competed to work on MiTo online. It was not the same as she had emphasized, but it was certainly a sign that the universe was listening.

To participate in the race, she had to try out her Alfa Romeo showroom.

While she was in the showroom, the clerk gave her a form to finish. She filled out her details, handed her ticket and went on her test drive.

When she came home, her attention was focused on the race, an online racing game with several levels. The overall benefit would get the car and there were several other prizes for the grave for leaders of each level.

On the last day of the contest it seemed to be the way she would work. She was leading the package on almost every level and nothing but divine intervention would help someone close the gap.

On the last day of the race, her internet went down. Sky (ISP) could not diagnose problems and demanded that it be working. Her computer adopted. As it was, she was online and everything was working well, but it was not. She could not get any websites to load and had no way to compete for the final stage.

In desperation, she made a new installation window. But that did not help. She realized that she should be her network, not her computer so she drove home to her dads and tried to use her computer to complete the race. She could not get it online but

Nothing she tried would work and then, as magically as it had gone down, her internet came back up.

She had a few minutes left to finish the final stage.

It was close ... but that was just not enough. She took a big hit at the final stage and played in full and she came third.

As she was still leading in several other levels she won a prize. Her bounty of goodies with the iPod Touch and Nintendo Wii ... Two of the most precise things she had put on her list when we started the experiment! but this was just the beginning ...

A week later she got a very unexpected call.

Alfa Romeo's headquarters congratulated her because she had just won a brand new car!

The form she had completed at the garage when she took the tests was nothing to do with the race she had come online. It was for a completely special competition! Rifflug she did not even know existed! And she had just bought the highest award ... the EXACT car that she had put on her list !!!

When Natalie began collecting his prizes, local paper was taken to take some promotional shots.

Here she is collecting her prize in the Alfa garage (this yellow car is not the one she worked, but the photographer thought it would be better in the newspaper than the black man she actually got to drive home!) [19659002] Here's Natalie again, with the real car she got home. A 1.4L Alfa Romeo Lusso with black metal and alloy wheels. Everything exactly the same as her wish!

She had everything on the list! And it would have been just a few weeks !!!

Just stop for a moment and imagine how Natalie must have been feeling. Within a week she had won Nintendo Wii, iPod Touch and BRAND NEW CAR !!! Not only that ... but exactly the car she wanted ... the exact model, model, spec and color! It even had the exact wheels she had chosen !!!

She was happy .... and STUNNED!

I have to admit that I was a bit stunned too. I know that my technology works, but I have honestly not expected our small effort to be so good!

She won a new car, Could she also have a holiday?

After Natalie had won the car, she decided she wanted a vacation. She wanted to go snowboarding in Austria. Her friends had all recently been away and she could not afford to leave.

So they had such incredible results with the car as she used the exact same technology to show a vacation.

Although the car had exactly matched its intention, she still did not believe. She thought there should be some sort of crazy coincidence. So I told her that she should ask for a sign ...

This weekend, Natalie applied for a workshop for the 3-day "Flower of Life". At the studio she learned about holy geometry and spent a few hours studying the following figure; the flower of life.

Because this picture was so important, she decided she was her sign.

Natalie then went through the exact same process she had used to work the car. After a couple of days she stumbled into a match that seemed perfect. The top prize was an all-cost paid luxury snowboarding holiday to Mayrhofen in Austria.

Cutting long (but exciting) story short ... she won the race! And the holiday was magnificent. Exactly what she hoped for and much more !!!

The hotel where Natalie stayed in Mayrhofen is called Hotel Berghof. It's a beautiful hotel with incredible facilities and wonderful food (everything she had specifically requested! It even had a special boot warming system so her feet would be nice and cozy in the snow.)

There is, however, one thing which Hotel Berghof has that you will probably not find in any other hotel in the world. Take a look at the following photo of Natalie just about going into her hotel's restaurant. This is the venue that greeted her when she went down for breakfast every morning!

This was the EXACT icon that she had requested!

When she showed me this photo I was completely blown away. I know this stuff works but I never expected it for millions of years !!!

Natalie is now an obvious magnet! She has created an amazing life for herself and continues to use my technique every single day.

All that Natalie did to work the car and the holiday is in my book, "Wishing Well, A Guide to Creating Dreams Through Cosmic Order"

Here are some recent comments on Amazon of people who have read my book ...

Unsolicited reader comments posted on Amazon ...

(The following reviews were posted on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk by people who bought the paperback version of the book.)

"Me I would like to read this book a lot! It's easy to read but packed lots of important useful tools to help you get along to get your wild dreams. I used his technique to get a new car, link back to old friends (not through Facebook, either lol), brand new DSLR camera, even optimizing my current relaitonship. Everything that has come to me is because of this book. Let me say I've been Eternal "The Secret" and all other songs of attraction too. I needed a better guide and clearer explanation of the "WHO" episode of publication, this book was important for it. So, Steven Hall, thank you sir. "

" I only discovered this book for two months and am pleased to say that it is one of the best books I have read. It is clear that the author knows what he is talking about and returns a positive message and explains exactly how to adapt to the universe. It shows you how to use your thoughts so that you know exactly what to think and how to think so that you can enjoy energy in the universe.

This goes far beyond some of the inferior books out there that lead you down the wrong way. Look at the author explaining things more clearly on YouTube has been a real blessing. Use it regularly to help you in the same way that it has helped me. If Barbel Mohr is a godmother of philosophers, then Steven Hall is the godfather. "

" I have been in a law of attraction for almost 20 years. I have most books on publication. It includes books from "classified teachers". And while there are some I'm very happy to read again, wish well, "end everything, be everything" - or as close as it does, to books that show. "

" If you have trouble getting results with the Attraction of Attraction, give this book! Seriously, there is no other book about the Law of Attraction like this one. It seems that the authors of the other books assume you are "getting it" as he or she did. Or are you expected to buy the author's most extensive book on this subject because his previous books did not click you, but his latest will! The author of Wishing Well is clearly not one of these authors. He knows how to help you succeed. This is very simple and incredibly comprehensive. "

" Well, really, really beaten for everyone else to follow. It's the first book of publication that I always wanted to write a review about. After nearly 20 years reading tons of books on this subject with only sporadic progress success for this. "

" Steven has done a good job. I'm on my second train and I've picked up more and more important stuff from it. I have read books like The Secret and it did not seem to be complete or something missing. Steven has hit the nail on his head With this and I will certainly recommend this to my clients. Good job. "

" A very accessible book with a unique combination of cosmic order and NLP - a shoot you can not find in The Secret. Steven's methods will help readers with a variety of personal issues to prepare themselves to receive the items they desire. This is easy, like some of Anthony Robbins 'stuff, less Robbins' rather intrusive feature. "

" I do not understand why every person on earth does not have a copy of this book? To me it is uplifting and so inspired, even if you do not believe in a cosmic order, it's worth reading just to see how to get out of nothing for something to do, that's what made me feel like it.

As you can see. These methods really work. Even if everything else you've tried so far has failed.

Now it's up to you!

I declare all my secrets in my book, "Wish Well - Instructions for Creating Your Dreams with Cosmic Order"

Wishing to read is very easy and the methods I share with you are very easy to follow . It explains exactly how you need to think to attract your desire, not just what you need to think.

There are some very subtle basic principles in play when a person appears successfully. These subtle variants are what make the difference between success and failure.

Well, this process brings you consciously, so you can finally take full control of the creative process.

If everything else fails and you feel frustrated because the Law of Attraction does not work for you, wish it will show you why ... and give you everything you need to start enjoying the good success you want.

Here are some things you'll discover in Wishing Well ...

You can download Wishing Well in seconds and start transforming your life right away.

Are you ready for your next step?

I'm a lifetime student of attraction and it's one that I've always believed well. When you are ready to take the next step, the way forward will be shown to you. In other words, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Allow wish to be suggested. To describe the way to the next step of your trip. It's no coincidence that you're here. The law of attraction is a law. You have planned to find a solution to your frustration that you have experienced. You have asked how you can do the Law of Attraction for you, though the mystery does not.

Well, the answer you've raised in your life. Analyze this opportunity and take action.

To require the check of Wishing Well, for immediate download (So you can start to create the life you really want now) click the order button below.

When you order your copy of Wishing Well, you also get 3 of my favorite books, completely free! These books have had such a big impact on my life and I know you'll love them. Your FREE Bonus Books are ...

This book was considered so dangerous because it distributes the balance of wealth and power. What you will discover in this book was intended solely for the most important people in the very top stages of the pyramid.

As a man thinking of James Allen Originally published in 1902, this book is considered by many to be the "seed" that began all self-help movement of the 20th century.

It is beautifully written and takes the reader to a "calm trip" in the world of self-creation.

As you think explains, thoughts become things and teach you how to think about becoming the one you seek to be.

"Today we are where our thoughts have taken us and we are the architects of our future."

Think and grow RichNapoleon Hill First published in 1937 after Hill had 25 years of study in the richest mind in the world, thought and dominant dominant 13 steps to riches. - An action plan that is solely responsible for creating more millionaire than any other book that has been written.

Many millionaire today confess that they should commit to the contents of this book and proudly acknowledge that they have read it at least twice.

Almost all modern books about attraction laws, including the sculpture "The Secret is based on the wisdom found on these pages.

You can download a copy of Wishing Well and 3 bonus books immediately after purchase so you can start read them immediately.

Your order is 100% free!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your trip! I wish you success in life and beyond.

Steven Hall MCoH MaSC NLP AoCOP Master Coach Cosmic Order Practitioner for AoCOP Fellow of the Institute of Holistic Therapies Member of the Union Stress Consultants NLP expert and certified mesmerizing

PS. Well, it will be easy for everyone to start living the life they really want. Even if you've tried everything else, I've personally guaranteed that Wishing Well will work for you. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you receive by following my method, I will happily refund each penny you paid. No questions asked.

PPS. There are no accidents. You are here because you are ready to complete your resentment. Hopefully, the answer to the question you have been asking is. With the act of attraction has come into your life. Now claim it and take action.

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 Would you like Steven Hall?

at discounted price while it's still available...

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 Would you like Steven Hall?

is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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