Worst things you should not dare to put in your mouth

Assuming we all know the dangers of undercooked meat, tobacco, raw seafood and gusts in the mouth. Tempting as it is but should we put it in your mouth? Chefs, food scientists, nutritionists and dentists advise us NOT to be very pleased with eating these types of foods; Here are some list of things you should not put in your mouth.

o Dried apricots

There is nothing wrong with eating this dried fruit as long as you chew it carefully unless you want to get into your intestine. Dried apricot tends to settle in your stomach when you swallow whole and it can lead to emergency surgery. A woman who swallowed a whole empty apricot in the British medical list was reported.

o Prime Rib

Yum! But do you know that the skull's skull contains 982 calories and 78 grams of fat? Well, it does, because the softness is the reason why the meat just seems to melt in the mouth.

o Mixing Room

Make sure you wash the green salad you bought in the store. Do not trust the labels that tell you that it has been washed. Most of the events in food-related diseases came from unsweetened foods. Bacteria and E. coli tend to thrive in salad and in eggs, fish and meat.

o The First Chip

The first chip can call the person to eat. The feeling of satisfaction is never found, mainly in a stressed person. It gives psychological effects on the person, which makes them eat more and more.

o More simple two eggs

Salmonella poisoning can lead to eating raw chicken eggs, as well as submerged eggs. Running white eggs are the most dangerous part of uncooked eggs. It is better to eat well cooked eggs.

o Liver

Like other organs, the liver contains high cholesterol and fat, and the liver can also contain residues of substances and hormones that are born to the livestock. Hepatitis can be fatal because it has a toxic amount of vitamin A.

o Pencils and pens

We sometimes chewed our pens or pencils absent but what we do not know is we who cause a tiny break of stress in our teeth by doing this.

o Fried insects

In addition, it seems rough, it can also cause stomach ache. You would not know where these insects came from and what they ate. Put yourself at very high risk factors for intestinal problems. People tend to be adventurous and risky when traveling; These exotic feeders get pleasure from eating these types of foods. Roast insects like explosives are very popular in Bangkok. I've seen a lot of it when I was in Bangkok but I never dared try it.

o Frozen Margarita

A mixture of frozen alcohol, sugar and salt is bad for the liver, arteries, blood sugar, heart, digestion and energy. It may lower your blood sugar levels, which will allow you to eat more.

o Studs

Dentistry research can be dangerous as our tongue is laced with vascular and nervous nets. Once you have had blood cells and begin to bleed, this can cause infection. Sticks can also flip off your teeth and reduce speech impairment.

o Ice

Ice makes you cracked because it's crystal, such as toothbrushes. A pair of two crystals will cause your teeth finally to end.

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