Wondershare iPhone Slide Show

Making digital photo slideshows on your computer is very popular today. How would you like it if you can make a slideshow of your computer and place it on a portable MP3 player, such as an iPod or iPhone? What if I told you, can you even customize your own videos and only create your iPods? Well, I'm talking about a Wondershare iPhone Slide Show software today. Not only does this program allow you to add slide shows from your computer to iPods, allowing you to add music and other good features. After everything has been told and ready, you will download an iPod-compatible MP4 file to your iPod.

Do not let the video editing software scold because the program interface allows grandparents to navigate. When you open this program for the first time, the main window is divided into four sections, making it as easy as possible for you. The first upper part is where you can find the buttons to add slide show elements. If you look at the bottom part, you can find the timeline for video, photo and music.

Not only are they able to create a slideshow, but they will also be able to make a slideshow of video clips that I thought were pretty spectacular. Photos can be combined or linked to video clips to create temporary effects after each photo or video. Do not worry because it can not be limited to the type of effects, because you can choose more than 100. Types such as Fade, Slide, Slide Extend and Advanced. With all these options, the end result will fit your slideshow to show it to your family and friends.

If you are afraid that this program can not support the image type, do not be. It is a pleasure to hear that Wondershare iPhone Slideshow supports file types, such as JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. It is also compatible with video extensions such as AVI or MPEG and audio file extensions such as MP3, WMA and WAV. In order to see the best results on your iPod or iPhone, the Wondershare iPhone Slide Show will allow you to choose what screen resolution you want to use for your slideshow.

Overall, this item is 5 to 5-Star. Why can you ask for it? With the overwhelming ease of use and features this product is free, it's hard to beat.

Source by Stefan Fahlberg

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