Woman in 69 Position – Ultimate Oral Sex Position

Name 69 post is based on the physical arrangements of men and women to give simultaneous oral pleasure. In the next few paragraphs, learn how to master the woman in 69 position to maximize secondary sexual stimulation. It is certainly worth the perfect; facility 69 status can be given the most sexual impulse for oral sex. There are actually three types of 69 positions, but first we have to prepare for the ceremony.

Preparation for 69 position

For preparation for the woman in 69 position, both a man and a woman should grow naked and bath or shower. It would be unclean to introduce sex without washing first. This can be added to the prelude.

side by side 69 post

Lay next to your partner in the direction of a bed direction; so their genitals and close to your face and vice versa. Turn on your side, turn your partner and take your thigh. Hold your partner about the hips and start sex.

Over and under 69 Status

Your partner will lie on your back. Straddle them over the chest but turn to their feet. Move your genitals to a position above their face and take off so that their genitals are also in front of your face. Begin to give oral sex.

The Standing 69 Position

It is usually the one who stands, where he is generally higher and more physical. He holds the woman off her feet or calves while she gets caught on her ankles or calves. When the woman's genitals are near the mouth of man, the human genitals should also be in a position so that she can easily perform him.

Like all sexual postures, 69 places need to be practiced to perfect. However, it is more than worth it. The 69-year-old woman is capable of providing the most sexual impetus for sex activities; I feel much better to get verbal sex while I'm working. Just remember to practice good hygiene and initially incorporate your fat into your foreplay.

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