Windows Vista for IPhone

If the newer Intel-based Macs can do it, then why not the iPhone? Especially after Microsoft's announced Windows Mobile inventory, there is no reason why Apple iPhone can not run the Microsoft Windows operating system, at least Steve Jobs says. And again, the techno mega-mogul is quite right!

VistaPerfection 2.0 is the name and is a mobile Windows Vista platform that can be used on an Apple iPhone. Well, a kind of …

Developed by Spec-Works, an independent software developer and "Modify My iFone", VistaPerfection for iPhone users largely has Vista's look actually gave them Windows Vista skills. This means that all Microsoft Windows users are familiar with wallpaper, graphics, sound effects, start menu, sidebar and yes – windows are known (over 90 favorite Windows icons, including dock icons), but not really Windows Vista operating system.

Other parts of Windows Vista experience in this simulator include iPhones sliders, status bars, badges, trays, lower bands, masks, sound schemes, and login / password unlock / unlock and launch / restore products.

View a theme download, leather, native iPhone graphic interface as a replacement (or auxiliary) operating system. VistaPerfection download is actually about the interface, which is designed to make Windows users easier and more comfortable with mobile migration.

Some Windows users hate Vista (as you may not have heard). Surprisingly, people know that they are removing Windows Vista from their computers and laptops and replaced with older, but preferred Windows XP systems. And unfortunately, there is no Windows XP on the iPhone – at least not yet.

Of course, one of the biggest complaints to PC users about Windows Vista is that it is a resource pig. But since VistaPerfection 2.0 is not the Vista operating system itself, it's just a surface that mimics its interface, users do not have to worry about the issue slowing down, frozen, or otherwise affecting their iPhones.

In any case, Spec-Works has done a good job of displaying and displaying Vista with its product, as the VistaPerfection interface is crisp, capricious and stylish. It is at least as impressive to look at, even if we do not feel the feeling so much.

However, the only shining error with this software is that it is not yet available as a convenient downloadable and installed file, but requires much more entertainment (such as Secure Shell or SSH) than most consumers are willing or able to complete.

Fortunately, ModifyMyiFone people have heard this call and have announced the immediate release of VistaPerfection 3.0, which is available as the file. It is our advice for iPhone fans to wait for VistaPerfection v3.0 and leave v2.0 to techies.

Source by Corey T Bruhn

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