Windows 8 Smartphone: 5 programs to enhance user experience

After purchasing Smartphone enabled with Windows latest version (8), you can continue to search for appropriate applications for that. However, one might wonder about app compatibility but the most interesting factor about Windows 8 phone is app compatibility with older version of Windows (7.5). This will help you find programs that suit your needs. In this article there are 5 such programs that help to enhance your experience with Windows 8 Smartphone. Let us examine these programs one by one and understand how these programs are useful.

Super Camera

Always surprised by an application that makes it easy to add your photos with one touch, if you like, download the Super Camera. This app lets you add photos with one touch. You can easily add frames, enhanced image quality, applied effects, and other features to enhance your image. In addition, while you're still using this application, you can simultaneously capture an image and even create an image. Other things are changing images and enhancing the color side, giving brighter effects and other such improvements to make the picture better. With this application, you do not have to access submenus to perform operations, but the options are available on an easy access tray for convenience. In addition, you can even add text to the image without compromising image quality.

Connection Shortcuts

You must be aware of the default activity of the life of the UI in Windows 8 OS. This feature is all about navigation through menus and pinning programs on the startup for quick access. Nevertheless, even pre-loaded features like this can not include some things like connection options from the menu to home screen. Options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flight mode are just a few to mention that all users would like to access quickly. Download an application called Shortcut Shortcuts. As the name suggests, this app is capable of creating quick access to these applications in the home screen. In addition, you can customize and pin other options of applications that exist in the submenu to be attached directly to the startup. Go to the option> Select> Pin to start the menu, it's as simple as this. After you attach these options or shortcuts to these applications, the icons for these applications will appear as tiles, which helps prevent clutter.

Bing Card

The most used functionality a user wants is mapping and navigation. You need a reliable mapping system like Bing Maps. This is apparently the best application for travel and mapping. Bing has taken all the action for a good mapping system that Google Maps contains. In addition, Bing Maps is a free service that allows the user to pin and synchronize with Dropbox. You can use it whenever you want. You will have the opportunity to search for places, search guidance and satellite image of locations. Therefore, this pre-loaded app in your Windows 8 system is a blessing for travelers and for those who are often looking for directions for a particular area. Get Bing Cards> Enter Special Area> Get Directions.


There are various chat programs available with surface functionality but the best option is Whatsapp. This chat server is a real cross-platform based on chat services that support BlackBerry, IOS, Android, and Windows. A user can share a text group chat, audio and video files, and pictures with users on your chat network. After downloading this chat, users must register with the phone number that acts as an ID and start chatting. However, you must remember that, despite the fact that this chat service is free, you still have to pay for the charges it's connected through the internet. Interestingly, as soon as you download this application on your phone, this application will identify the contacts that use this app and friends who are already connected to Whatsapp. Thus, you do not specifically need to add friends to a chat. Just go to Whatsapp> Contact> Chat and start chatting.


When you are looking for a variety of applications, you may also be looking for the best deals. This also involves searching for applications available in other forums and also compatible with your device. Download appdeals, this will help you search for 1, 20,000 applications. You get the best deal with the latest deals in apps. All you have to do is put Appede on your smartphone and start it by following the instructions that automatically follow. Remember to follow the terms and conditions that developers have suggested to utilize this app. Once you have installed this application, you must begin to receive notifications or notifications about the latest deals.

The 5 programs mentioned above are useful and provide experienced user products with Windows 8 Smartphone. All of the above applications are free.

Source by Brandon Malcolm Smith

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