Will your smartphone change the netbook?

Many people start thinking that the smartphone is changing a netbook. The reason for this thought is that smartphones choose fast when online books sell after their first start has come to the market. Could smartphone really change your netbook? Opinions may vary, but here is a reasonable perspective based on the state of the devices today.

What people want is to have portable devices that can handle basic elements. All they really want are certain applications that can be run The end user can think less about the platforms that run these major applications. If your phone or netbook can do this, most people will be happy. End users take care of functionality.

The big issue, despite smartphones, is that they still lack my key features. While it's good enough for basic applications, the netbook market is still moving a laptop. The question your smartphone needs to overcome is the keyboard and screen size. If there was a way to add text that was not limited to a small keyboard and way to have a large but portable screen phone, they would replace netbooks and potential laptops in the future if something like that was possible.

Another issue is that netbooks do not come with agreements. Many people can buy one for around $ 200, which will do more than the phone does without having a large monthly fee. These fees will be cheaper for them to dominate the online banking market.

Another common problem facing many smartphones is the problem with multitasking and more processing. These types of things are what people are used to doing on a laptop. Because the hardware is slower, it is difficult to completely change the network book. But it still depends on what exactly your needs are. It may be time because it does not matter anymore with technical progress, but this day has not yet come.

Some people think that smartphones can replace netbooks. Is this type of thinking realistic? Changing the keyboard and screen size and costs will be required before the phone changes to a netbook. This may happen in the future, but our best estimation is that this is at least 2 years away.

Source by Harold Baldwin

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