Will Nokia succeed with its E7 Smartphone?

Nokia N8 was sizzle on the market. It was labeled as the first 12 megapixel camera phone on Nokia's market. Other companies have their debts with their 12 megapixel phone already. Sony Ericsson had launched Satio and Samsung had Pixon 12 but Nokia was a little late in the industry. Earlier it was used to say that Nokia is always the first to create sizzle in the market with new technology, but its streak broke this time when it came to a 12 megapixel camera phone.

I still remember that Nokia had launched the N95 as the first 5 megapixel phone in the market. After that, Sony Ericsson came with K850 and other brands also jumped with their parts. But this time it was a little late. We assumed that N8 will make strong competition for all existing brands. But such a threat was not experienced. We keep thinking but new numbers began. N8 was not with battery and could be purchased C7 . And people began to say that the N8 would be a failure.

Now Nokia is planning to publish another smartphone in the market by the end of the first quarter of 2011. It is known as the Nokia E7 but the controversial issue is that it looks very similar to the N8. So is it that Nokia is making a replacement for its own product? Is that so? If so, then N8 may feel uncomfortable. The E7 is not a 12 MP camera phone but is very efficient. It looks like the definition.

Now it's time for other types, creating new sizzles and proving to be great contenders with Nokia because it looks, now Nokia is screwed. The question is whether the Nokia E7 will succeed or will it be a malfunction among common users?

Source by Gyandeep Kaushal

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