Will iPhone Nano Have? Will Apple Launch a Smaller iPhone?

Apple and Steve Jobs want things smaller to influence their decision to release the iPhone Nano, which is currently being discussed hotly. They or not, this is the question.

The theme of iPhone Nano is not that it seems to want to die, the gossip mill continually raises the design ideas and phone demonstration tools that the people have begun to do. Daily iPhones, Apple Blogs, and General Gadget Blogs will find leaks and potential images of the new iPhone. It is hard to say that they are real or false because they really know. [1] One man must know, and this is Steve Jobs, Apple is currently at the top of the mobile market and significantly reduced the sales of other mobile phone manufacturers. Nokia is hurting one for now and now they are trying to keep up with the iPhone Snowball, day seems to be getting bigger.

One way that Apple actually pulls the thumbs on these manufacturers is that it's the new iPhone that uses the previous 2G and 3G models. The 4G iPhone has been tormented this summer, this is the usual practice for Apple to change models that look similar to a football match like a millennium.

We would be fantastic to see an iPhone Nano this summer on the iPhone 3G, while the slim not the smallest phone on the market, surely appears in the jeans pocket, which shows a knot that can give bad ideas to people. By launching Nano, you can attract completely new collective people who simply decide that the current iPhone is too big. The Nano model would be ideal for nights that can slide into light jeans or small pouches

The iPhone Nano could easily be pinched to resemble the current iPhone if the ranks of the icons are three broad and three deep, four times four. However, whatever he saw, Apple decided to design the iPod Nano similarly.

In any way you can be sure that every new iPhone in the 1930s Nano will be an instant success with other mobile phone manufacturers, and even envy you.

Source by Drew Clarke

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