Why you should turn off your mobile device for 1 hour a day

Turn off my cell for one hour!?!

No vibration, no silent ring, no message. Time period.

Oh yes, and it should not be cheating in the morning.

Why would I tell you to turn off your mobile device for one hour a day? Being a mobile phone dealer and a website that sells a mobile phone does not make much sense to tell you to turn off your mobile phone. I even support people using Bluetooth devices; They are huge assets that help business people and people on the go all over the world. Mobile phones have changed the world. The company's speed has grown exponentially and productivity has increased in incredible heights with our most advanced phone (technical number for mobile or mobile). SMS, EMS, MMS, and other messaging systems enable individuals (millennials mainly) to send short text messages for guidance, mass health or spread of gossip among friends. Wireless communications have greatly enriched our lives. However, I'm here to tell you that you need to turn off your mobile phone for one hour each day. Here are the reasons for me:

1. Mobile phones create stress. Think that no-one can call you for a long time. Do you want to lose a business? They can still leave a message. Ask yourself this question: If you lived a slower lifestyle with less stress would you be less financially safe? Exceptions in the worst cases, I think the opposite is true. Wealthy individuals are quieter and have less stress than those with fewer assets.

2. Work better but not harder. Utilization is much more productive than trying to conquer the world yourself. Turning off your mobile phone will teach you the art to take the time to work for you. Turning off your mobile phone actually creates more demand for yourself because there is less availability for others to constantly tap into. Do it too much, and that's a bad trend, but enough returns can increase your productivity.

3. Help eliminate postponement. The fixed phone ring helps us to avoid the tasks we need to take care of. Disabling it will help you restart, plan and execute your plans with ease.

4. The last and most important reason for turning off your mobile phone is that it will allow you to think. Thoughts are the most important tasks we can do and nothing is more powerful than our creative thoughts. Take this time to plan your next moves, shape your plans and reflect past actions.

Source by Jesse Sherer

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