Why WiFi Smart Camera?

Wi-Fi cameras, also known as Smart Cameras, are on the rise. And if numbers can speak, at the annual 2013 CES (Consumer Electronics show), the camera industry looks ready for mobile like growth. Every company worth its name on the camera market has more than 3 SMART cameras in its bag and the numbers are growing. So what exactly these "SMART" cameras do? What different are these cameras from a point of time and shoot yourself. What value do they add (if any)? Read to find out

WiFi: Narcism never felt good. With a social network that is on the rise, the connection criteria are more than an exception. These cameras come with a built-in wifi. You can send emails, share or write those photos immediately to Facebook, Twitter and what you have with social networking sites. You can also send them directly to your computer wirelessly.

Camera control :. No need to put the camera in an hour and make a rush to be in the picture. Management is in your hands, literally. With the help of a simple smartphone application that is in touch with your camera, you can control certain features, such as remote control.

Availability: As long as you're on the same WiFi network, you can connect more than one SMART camera and even allow others to see what you're clicking on in real time. These cameras can also browse or share your friends' pictures without using WiFi hotspots.

Location: "See my love! Remember we took this photo on ???" Do not remember? Do not stir. Most of these cameras come with a GPS (Global Positioning System). It's a practical feature, especially when you took 100 photos of your vacation and do not remember where you took the only picture a wife refers to. With GPS, the camera records the location of all images.

Change: Turn on a computer on vacation to edit these pictures. With a variety of options built into your camera, you can edit your photos either at "shooting" level or after working on the camera. In addition, some of these cameras have been working with Smartphone applications (also known as applications). So you changed them by using the built-in software on your camera or copying them to your smartphone.

Updates: You have heard about updates to operating systems. Your SMART camera can also get updates through WiFi and get more nifty features.

As you can see, SMART cameras are not just ordinary everyday standards, shooting, snaping, sharing, uploading cameras. With so many cameras that deviate from your attention, those who offer simple layout and mobile like experience, while retaining the original camera, are the SMART winners. Which one do you choose? Hmmm … it's a matter for me to answer and you look out for the next.

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