Why should you eat peppers (Garbanzo beans)

Chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) were first consumed by people living in modern Turkey and Greece about 10,000 years ago and then spread to southern France and Germany and then through the Middle East, where they became a traditional diet.

Chickpeas are a powerful package of proteins, vitamins and diet. They help keep glucose levels stable and increase protection from disease, as well as increase digestion and saturation. The Chickpea is the second most eaten bean in the world after soybeans.

Chickpeas, which grow on trees, are the type of pulse, ie. They come from seeds containing two or three seeds. There are three main types of chickens or garbanzo beans.

Desi chickpeas have small dark seeds and a rough coat. Bombay chickpeas are bigger. Both the Desi and Bombay models come from India. Kabuli chickpeas come from Europe or Africa and have smooth coats. However, all three types deliver the same health benefits that can be used equally.

Health benefits for eating chickens (garbanzo beans)

Chicken soup is truly a great diet.

Garbanzo beans are a great source of complex carbohydrates (23g per 100g), fiber (7.6g per 100g), protein from plants (8.9g to 100g), iron, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin B and much more. Yet they are very low in fat.

Here you can do for yourself:

[1] Chickens help control blood sugar levels … carbohydrates form more than 27% of the chickens. These are complex carbohydrates, ie. they consist primarily of starch and digest slowly so that when you eat, you suddenly avoid spikes in your blood sugar levels … unlike simple carbohydrates found in processed foods like white bread … diabetes and diabetes mellitus.

Patients should ensure that their diet contains peanuts (garbanzo beans).

[2] High fiber helps the digestive process … fiber acts by transporting food through the digestive tract and helping your stools to form waste and toxins removed from the body and the chances of you become constipation is reduced.

Fiber also helps keep intestinal balance, boost healthy bacteria and reduce unhealthy bacteria. Fiber also helps you control your blood sugar levels and helps prevent the kidney stones, kidney stones and obesity.

[3] High protein contains essential nutrients … which plays an important role in the organs, muscles, tissues and hormone levels of the body.

Protein helps control blood sugar, create hemoglobin and antibodies, help you build and maintain your muscles, give you energy, fight bacteria and make you feel full. They also help slow down aging.

Do not eat enough protein can cause muscle weakness, prolonged fatigue and low energy levels, eye problems (eg drowsiness), heart problems, poor skin and so on. But by eating a mixture of chickens with other cereals or vegetables, you can take "full protein", ie. one that contains everything & # 39; necessary & # 39; amino acids.

Many but not all the amino acids the body needs to form a protein is created within the body. Necessary amino acids are nine building blocks of proteins that can not be made by the body and you can only get them in what you eat. Chickpeas help you lose weight

Because they are also very low in calories and fat, they can be extremely helpful in losing weight.

The proteins, complex carbohydrates and fiber in capsule caps also help you control your blood sugar levels while maintaining your energy at the same time as the full feeling you get from eating them means you're more likely to moke on processed trash between meals.

Chickpeas are more filling if you eat them with vegetables or other whole foods … perfect for trying to lose weight.

[5] Chickpeas reduce the risk of heart disease … studies show that chickens help balance cholesterol levels, reduce hypertension (excessive blood pressure) and keep arteries without plaques.

One of the reasons for this may be that a large amount of fiber contains the beans (7.6% by weight). The fiber makes you feel full and eat less so you get less weight around your stomach as your living conditions continue.

Fiber forms a gel like a substance as it passes through the digestive tract. This gel binds to fatty acids and helps balance your cholesterol levels so you do not get excess LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Some kind of beans help to keep your arteries from building a plaque. This reduces your hypertension so that your blood pressure remains in the healthy area. This reduces the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke … all through just one dose a day of chickpeas or other beans.

[6] Kickpeas blockers colon cancer … research shows that high fiber content in the capsule can help protect the cancer of the colon by preventing cancer cells from forming.

In addition, cancer cells are likely to multiply because these beans keep the digestive tract free of bacteria and the development of toxic substances. This creates a healthy environment where pH levels are balanced and inflammation decreases, preventing cancer cells from growing as if they were in an unhealthy environment. Large amounts of vitamins and diet

folat in chickens plays a role in copying and combining DNA to produce new cells. Folate also helps the body to use other B vitamins. If you swallow enough folate you may have anemia, impaired immune system and poor digestion.

If you eat enough garbanzo beans, you are unilaterally lacking zinc, essential trace elements. Zinc protects against free radical damage, plays a role in DNA replication, helps to generate hemoglobin in the blood and faster psoriasis.

If you are inadequate in zinc, you feel as often as cold, digestive problems such as leak disease syndrome (low bowel disease, causing unmet food, toxic waste and bacteria to leak through the intestines and flow blood circulation and diarrhea.

Lack of zinc in diet can also harm your eyes, make you infertile and cause your hair to fall out.

How to Buy and Prepare Chickens

You can bought chickens (garbanzo beans in the United States) in dried, baked and canned or preserved and frozen form. Some think dried beans taste best and get better texture, they are also fresh for a long time so you can store them in bulk.

However, appetizers, whether or not they are canned or frozen, are great savings. In addition, they are as nutritious and dried as ba

It is advisable to purchase organic beans that are also genetically modified without the amount of fatty acid being much higher in foods grown with modern hairpin fertilizer instead of natural compost. You can also reduce fatty acid by 50% or more by soaking and spraying your bean before using them.

The problem with fatty acid is that it can lower the supply of certain nutrients. A diet that is high in fatty acid can reduce minerals in the food and can also leak minerals from teeth and bones, leading to dental damage, bone loss and osteoporosis. So soaked them overnight is important.

If you overlook the beans overnight, you can cook them in less time. Boil the chickens for about three times the amount of water at low heat for 1.5 to 2 hours. When they are soft, they are ready to eat or use as an ingredient in recipes.

How chickens are ateen

Chickens are consumed in countries around the world.

In the Middle East, garbanzo beans are the main ingredient in hummus. They are also ground in wheat flour and used to make unleavened bread.

In India, they are added to curries, while in France and Italy they served stews and pasta and served with seafood. In Portugal they are part of meat, bean and pasta called Rancho. But Filipinos' teeth ensure that they are added to the desserts in the Philippines.

Making hummus using nuts (canned) capsules takes only five minutes or so.

Empty a big can of chickpeas. Put the beans together and 1/4 cup of raw sesame seeds, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, 1x peeled garlic, 1x teaspoon of olive oil, 1x teaspoon of cumin and iodinated salt to taste it blast and blow it until it's good and even. You can add extra water or olive oil until you get the consistency you want to eat and enjoy.

Sesame seed contains a lot of fat, so it may be best (as diabetes after striking diabetes) to let them out. You could also drop salt.

Traditional hummus is prepared by soaking overnight and then boiling for up to two hours. Nevertheless, the "quick" version described here tastes just as good.

Chickens (garbanzo beans)

Some people who are not used to eat a large amount of fiber and starch can find a blast and a lot of gas when they eat chicken (or other beans) at first. The taste is to introduce them to a diet gradually.

The beans can also be dried in dried form and soaked over night (rather than using canned chicken) and get rid of some compounds that cause gas and bloated feeling.

Source by Paul D Kennedy

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