Why should I consider Android under the iPhone?

In recent years, one of the most important forces in smart phone wars. Of course, this phone is known as iPhone. All the other mobile phone companies that tried to compete with the iPhone did not go very badly. Even when the phones are catching up, as far as technical sophistication is concerned, Apple will then release a revolutionary version of their phone. The same pattern has been repeated over and over again over the last few years. Now there is a group of phones that have picked up the cloak to try to challenge the iPhone. These are phones based on the Android operating system. If there are phones that are currently on the market, then it is capable of telephones.

Some people say that new Android-based phones will not be able to judge the older iPhone. We have to wait until the latest generation of iPhone is ready to release. But if you want to buy a phone today, these are the only statistics you need to go through. So we have to judge the phones like we do now. And now the features of Android phones are better. ESPecially the latest phones, the Droid and the Nexus One. These phones are especially designed to go to the iPhone. They try to compete with their screens in larger sizes and in the user interface.

Android phones are based on the Linux operating system, which means that most of the phone is naturally open. This is the opposite of the iPhone, which is mostly closed. This may not mean much to the end user, but to the developers, it opens a wide range of things. Best features for end users include live wallpapers, HTML5-enabled browsers, faster hardware speeds than any other phone, active apps, deep integration of Google maps, and high-end camera. Recently, people using the iPhone were able to praise their phone with more touch-screen interfaces. They can not brag. Android-based phones have been upgraded to have more tangible features. If the listed services do not make the phones better, they are at least in the same league.

Android-based phone is an excellent choice for a person looking for an alternative to iPhone. These phones were rocky, with the introduction of the original G1, but soon accelerated the best in the field. Another advantage of Androd is the choice of different types of phones. There is only one standard phone on the iPhone. With Android phones, every manufacturer has their own phone to make their own design spin. Yes, you have the opportunity again.

Source by H Kent Allen

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