Why people fall in love with their iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is a device you're going to love. For some people, it takes time before they're really attached to the device, but for the most part, love is almost instantaneous. I'm not talking about Apple fan boys who would love the device just because it was done by Apple. If you have never purchased Apple products in the past, you would still love iPhone 4. There are just so many things they have done right in comparison to other smart phones in the market now. So, let's take a look at the features of iPhone 4 so we can look for ourselves to see why so many people fall in love with it soon.

iPhone 4 Hardware

The first reason why so many fall in love with iPhone 4 is due to the hardware itself. When you look at the phone, you'll see one of those well-designed pieces of hardware around you. They did all that right when it comes to iPhone 4 design. It's very smooth and it's minimal looking without taking it too far that they had to get rid of features. But do not confuse, the hardware is just not beautiful to look at. The hardware is actually very powerful under the hood of the device. You have a powerful A4 processor that is running the phone so you have the power to make a lot of things with your phone. Apple believes that the chip is so powerful that you can record and edit your videos on your device. If you ever have video clips on your computer before, you know that this type of operation can record a large CPU processor.

Talking about a video, we can not forget that the iPhone 4 comes with two cameras on it now. It has the front of the camera and the rear facing the camera. The camera's rear purpose is obvious, but why is the front face facing one? This is such a person can sign up and also use other new features that Apple has unleashed. This feature is the ability to chat with other people. Now you can talk to people face to face while on the go.

Software on iPhone 4

We've got great good points about the iPhone 4 hardware but now let's get a few points about the phone software. The operating system you use on your phone is called iOS and it is one of the most well-designed operating systems of any smart phone in the market. You will find that it has a lot of built-in features that you use throughout your phone's lifetime. Not only that but you also have the app store. If you are in need of any kind of application to use on your phone, then the shopping center is for you.

iPhone 4 is a modern wonder and when you buy one you will feel as well.

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