Why not Flash Work on my iPhone or iPad?

This is a common issue and I hear from entrepreneurs using a Flash or Flash website. Review the reasons why Apple does not support Flash and what you can do with it.

Did you try that before?

You are on your iPhone or iPad and enter a URL for your local restaurant. Wait a second and get a message stating that you need to download Adobe Flash to view the page. There is a "download" button. You click the button and expect things to work.

Flash Player is Not Available on Your Device

Apple restricts the use of technologies that Adobe® Flash® Player products require. As long as Apple discontinues these restrictions, Adobe can not provide Flash Player for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Why is not Flash

My answer to why it does not work on Apple's mobile device

The message is from Adobe and Apple seems to be faulty

But is Apple's fault? Flash, is what their best interests are and of course Apple thinks its best interest is the best interest (Hey, Google uses this individual interest-based logic all the time.)

As they say , "follow the money." As Apple controls everything in their environment, it has the power to make decisions that maximize their profits, but in my opinion, Apple's decision is also good for the user

Let me look at the reasons why Apple does not allow Flash to be used on a mobile device:

1. The flash is a closed system

Two Centes: Does Apple Have a Closed System

2. Reliability, Security and Full

Two Centes: I'm not a tech guy, so I do not have the information to support this claim. But I have my personal experience on Flash on many Macs I own. My experience is that sometimes reliability and performance issues occur on Flash on Mac. Specifically, if my web browsing experience affects a site with Flash, your site may be slow to download or crash your computer. Flash interruptus?

3rd The flash consumes the battery life.

Two Centes: I do not know this is true, but it makes sense that this is causing this issue on mobile devices. How much question is there, I have no idea.

4th The flash is designed for PCs and does not affect the screens.

Two Centes: This is the case in all the techniques that have been introduced before embedding a mobile web, right? (Since Al Gore invented the Internet, I wonder who invented the mobile phone? Newt Gingrich? Charlie Sheen? It seems like the recognition of the mobile phone invention Martin Cooper.)

5. Adobe wants developers to adopt Flash application development for Apple's mobile devices. Apple says it is not. Apple does not want it to be a third party development tool between them and developers.

The net of all this is that Apple has been in control and it seems to me that the right decision has been made. Of course, when technology, things change.

What do you have to do?

I like Apple products. I like Adobe's products as well.

But, like an Apple mobile consumer, I do not think it will not miss Flash.

As a business, all you have to do is get a mobile site that's designed to work on all mobile devices. The main website is designed for the computer, not the mobile web. Think of this opportunity to touch every consumer who has a cell phone and is looking for a mobile network of 500 million times a month!

It's best to build a mobile business for your business, which will be very affordable.

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