Why is Apple Bluetooth Headset Not the Best Supplement to iPhone?

Apple revolutionized the world with its iPhone, technological wonder, innovative touch screen appearance and appealing appearance.

Apple's first accessory to the iPhone is this minimalist bluetooth headset. Unfortunately, this device does not meet the highest standards of the company. Apple headphones do not do what other headphones are capable of.

Good: A stylish headset with a very simple pairing process for the iPhone. The controls are simple, just one button. It has its own filling station. The charging station has an opening for the iPhone and a headset. Using the charging station, the battery status of the iPhone and the headset appears on the screen.

Bad: The iPhone Bluetooth Headset has few essential features:

  • Call Muting and Redial – We have regular capabilities to answer and end calls, but we do not accept anything like last number redial or call Mute.
  • Volume control – There is no volume control on the headset if you want to change the volume, you have to change it with your iPhone.
  • Noise Reduction – No Noise Reduction / Reduction Technology.
  • Sound quality – Not comparable to the headphones on the market and the sound does not sound very natural. Do not expect high quality sound in a particularly noisy or crowded environment.
  • Integration – Missing the full potential of the iPhone.
  • Battery life – Battery life was not nearly five hours of talk time and 72 hours standby time advertised.
  • Price – overrated for benefits.

Apple is the master of design and beauty, but there is no practical ergonomics in the device. A strictly sized earring arrangement. The headset is too large and starts to cause pain after use. The earrings help a bit, but it makes it bigger. The battery can not be charged, literally charged every few hours, which is very valuable to people who depend on it.

Almost all in shape, size, and simplicity of the Apple Bluetooth handsfree do not have a significant performance advantage.

Source by Lukas F

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