Why iPod needs to develop – or die

Since its introduction, iPod has become one of its most important products and sources of revenue. Probably Steve Jobs was one of the biggest successes of Apple's return.

Macworld Expo on 10 January 2006, Steve Jobs sold more than 42 million iPods and was 14 million in the first quarter of 2006. The iPod market share is about 75% of the mp3 player market. Calling fugitive success would not be too far from the truth.

This will change soon, as the iPod is obliged to sell it without adapting to the changing needs of consumers.

The day when consumers saw mobile phone access to built-in mp3 players, every single mp3 player was warned in the future. However, there was still no real threat as these mobile phone cum-mp3 players simply did not have the capability of a standard mp3 player. The sound quality was not that good, the storage space was limited and too expensive to really affect the mp3 player market.

But now, with hard disk-based phone-cum-mp3 players that occupy world markets, they can ring a deadly nod for iPods and the like. Soon, next year, if not today.

These so-called convergence devices have not only a mp3 player, but fairly decent digital cameras, some PDAs, 3G / EDGE, WiFi etc. They equipped. These packages become more and more appealing to consumers.

Although these devices are now very expensive and are about $ 600 to $ 800 for a (unlocked) 4GB hard drive, these are also lacking in stand-alone mp3 players like the iPod. Most equipped with built-in digital cameras (up to 2.0 megapixels), PIM devices, and 3G / EDGE (depending on the provider), as well as of course MP3 players running on the hard drive. The prices of grinding technologies will make these devices more and more affordable to consumers around the world as they eat pies on iPods, particularly damaging Nano's market share.

One advantage of these devices being more than standard means is the one-chip formatting factor that allows users to carry a combination of 3 devices while loading only one pocket. And you only need to unplug a device, instead of connecting 3 devices to the power supply. Clean. This makes it much easier for users to take advantage of a wide range of features in these devices.

How often did you think you could click on an image, but it was not enough because there was no camera? Did not you find that you wanted to listen to a song, but not once because you did not wear the mp3 player? All these problems will be the things that happened with these convergence phones: this problem evaporates because these phones will almost be in their pockets (after all, how many can we leave home without a cell phone?). This means that you have integrated all of your coolest devices with you almost every time, enabling you to use all these features wherever you want. All right, again.

Such phones like the upcoming Sony-Ericsson W950 and Nokia N91 are examples of such devices.

Nokia N91 features 4GB hard disk, 2MP camera, Symbian OS 9.1 and a range of PIM features. $ 650 available (unlocked). The advantage over the iPod is that it has a wide range of functions and the aforementioned single-pack factor.

At the moment, devices such as N91, $ 400, and $ 450 are available for stand-alone mp3 players, especially the iPod Nano market. Currently, the 4GB iPod nano is cool at $ 250. Many would not mind paying another $ 150 to have these convergence tools and many other features.

I'm not saying that iPod is going to die – I'm saying these devices will hit hard next year – the concept of survival is best suited). These new convergence phones are far more valuable than stand-alone mp3 players.

But, as we've seen in the past, Apple is a particularly strong and trusted company with strong fundamentals. You may easily be able to steer your iPod away from any danger by releasing your own device – this would be a personal coup.

However, partnerships such as the Motorola-Apple partnership have given nothing and have had a minimum impact on the music player industry. Apple needs to be more serious about this, and hopefully, independently. Apple-Softbank co-operation may bring better results for the right mp3 player phone making.

And I do not even say that the iPod will be hit alone. All stand-alone mp3 players expect the same fate. The shrinking market.

In any case, the iPod needs to develop itself and incorporate other features, such as a camera / phone or face shrinking markets for standalone mp3 players and often die. Only the most appropriate ones will live in this world. Still visible when the iPod is OK.

Source by Dhruv Kumar

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