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In the previous article, I personally explained how new changes to AT & T would affect me. To give AT & T a nice shake to those who are considering the new iPhone 4, I decided to discuss why iPhone 4 or any other smartphone on AT & T will turn out to be consuming when it comes to data.

This article is more for future smartphone users who will not not become grandfather regarding the current AT & T data plan. This article also serves the purpose of those who would have been grandfather, but decided not to add tethering to your iPhone device.

Not long ago, I thought about the theory that most smartphone users (who are using the application market) see an increase in their use in the first months of this smartphone. Of course, I decided to review it. After taking into account that I would fall into 2 percent of AT & T smartphone customers using more than 2GB of data per month on average, I decided to ask a friend to provide me with information about her AT & T data.

This friend's mind now uses iPhone 3GS with unlimited data.

I had calculated that she had spent 612.5 MB on average a month after its average monthly usage. This puts it in 35 percent of users who spend more than 200MB per month on average. According to AT & T.

Therefore, this user will better buy the Data Pro plan for 5 dollars less than its current 30 dollars unlimited plan. The user also wants to personally include tethering with the program. However, I will not adjust it.

In December, I noticed that I was wondering about my essay. This month, this user would have spent 45 dollars on using her data ($ 25 for Data Pro and $ 20 for crossing her limit).

In order to justify my belief in taking unlimited data, it's just not good, I chose the top 10 most downloaded applications. On my way there I came across guitar games to advertise as a week's application in the app store. This application is listed at 106 MB. There is already 1/2 of the amount that the Data Plus program allows on a monthly basis.

On a personal note for this particular user, I think paying 5 dollars extra to get an unlimited plan is better. It gives you less to worry about. Also, do not be misleading by AT & T. They said that this user uses X amount of data on average . Just because your average usage is 200 MB does not mean you will not use more than 200 MB.

It would be the worst if you chose the 200 MB program and in your first month to have iPhone and download many applications and ended up using 3.5 Gbs like my friend did. That would cost 200MB average user 262.20 dollars for that month alone.

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