Why fixing the iPhone is always worth the money

Many people question whether it's worth the money to fix a broken iPhone, so here I am, to clarify people's misunderstandings about the value of iPhone fixes. The truth is, always is always wise to break a broken iPhone, even if you are looking for a fourth generation model.

First of all, there are some basic facts about how much the iPhone is being spent. As many readers know, the actual cost of the iPhone is not the price actually paid at AT & T or at Apple's store when a new 2-year contract was signed. The price paid for signing a contract for 2 years is actually a subsidized price, so the amounts paid have actually been reduced by AT & T because you agree to stay with them for 2 years. You can only subscribe to this subsidized price if you are eligible to upgrade (approximately 12 to 20 months). The actual retail price of the current 4th generation iPhone when it came to an AT & T or an Apple store and not signed the contract, which is $ 600 for the $ 16bn and $ 700. For a 3GS iPhone with 8GB memory, it is approx. Releases $ 500.

Now AT & T offers something called "iPhone Early Upgrade". This allows the customer to purchase a new iPhone by signing a new 2-year contract RECOMMENDS up to the next update date. The new 2 year contract will receive a different subsidized price (And yes, special restrictions apply). Early update prices are also very high. For the 4th generation iPhone, you will pay $ 400 for a 16GB iPhone and $ 500 for a 32GB iPhone. A 3GG iPhone comes with 8 GB memory for $ 300.

The frustrating part of the iPhone repair company is that most people have no indication that the broken phone can actually be upgraded in almost every case. Customers who put in error at an AT & T store looking for a solution will suggest that they will be forced to buy a brand new iPhone at a high price. Of course, this money is in the bank for AT & T and Apple. If the device is lost or stolen, it is indeed the only way to replace it, to buy a new product. But there is no reason to make such a loss on the iPhone, which is only damaged. Improving iPhone is completely worth your money. Anything else would be like buying a new car because of a minor traffic accident.

In reality, most fixes for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS are less than $ 100. This means you can save $ 200 more if you fix your existing iPhone and not agree to an early update. All repairs on the iPhone 4 are under $ 200, $ 200 less than the early upgrade price.

Source by Clyde Cooper

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