Why do game developers change to XNA Game Studio Express?

Microsoft has given students and cabinets and entry points to the game development world with XNA Game Studio Express. This program, coupled with C #, has allowed such developers to create PCs and Xbox games on the move – eliminating the need for large teams or extended development time.

There are currently about 10 million subscribers in Xbox Live. If a hobby or student really gets access to these 10 million subscribers, this may be the big break they're looking for to enter the game development community. Game development companies write posts for potential employees – not to mention that Microsoft has approved some of the commercial sales.

Microsoft has allowed gaming developers to access Xbox Live Arcade as an indirect way to sell games. This will allow Microsoft's gaming association to get hundreds of new online games for Xbox users and allow game developers to get their names around the world. But Microsoft does not offer an easy way to sell homebrew games. Instead, developers must approve the approval in Microsoft to ensure that the terms of use of XNA Game Studio Express are not compromised.

Among the selected ones, Microsoft has also made great cash prizes and bonuses. In the "Dream Build Play" contest, five developers will win the rewards of life: exercises and free money! The winners also subscribed to the Xbox Live service each year, enabling them to play games for the first time. The "Dream Build Play" contest was a solemn celebration for the Xbox Live fans, who, with Microsoft's decision, can play new games every day.

But as things can not become more exciting – Microsoft offers a democratic solution to the bad games of the good. This feature, called "Peer Review," allows Xbox Live players to vote and mark games as they find it appropriate. The best games are on the top of the XNA stardom, while the others are left out of the darkness of the game, which is unable to do so. This allows gaming to be judged by a comprehensive gaming and user response and not judged by an executive officer.

It's a very positive response for both Xbox Live Arcade players and Xbox developers. As a cake bag, the full suite of XNA Game Studio Express is completely free for developers: the next killer game can not be used at all.

Every day, we can only imagine how innovative and creative the Xbox Live users will be in the near future. Because the XNA Game Studio Express package is very limited in terms of graphics, performance, and stability; there were already commercially-quality toys that debuted this global expansion in a short time.

If you've ever been interested in game design, it's time to strike the heat of the iron – and create these games while there is still a lot of upheaval in the community for new releases.

Source by Brian Nostraldo

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