Why designers lower the price of their applications?

Various prices and offers are typical of the App Store. You must agree that it is nice to get hands on a good application that usually costs something but get it free without infringing copyright. Basically, any program that costs money in the App Store can be free for a limited time or can be sold at a substantial price drop. A question that comes up immediately is how to know about all the App Store deals?

The iTunes App Store is full of apps. Today there are about a million programs there. Of course, finding applications that charge a fee yesterday and are free today is just impossible to do. It's just not an easy way in iTunes to find programs that have dropped. Then iPad and iPhone owners need to use external resources for assistance.

Everyday tens and even hundreds of applications in the App Store fall if not all prices then at least drop part of the price. Among these programs are even such top applications like Bad Piggies, Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja, Infinity Blades, Jump, etc. Each of these has been given away for free at least once.

It is not only a developer but also an Apple company itself who can create a contract for applications. For example, in the latest promotional campaign for the App Store five years anniversary Apple has 10 great apps and games for free. Also every Thursday Apple selects one app this week and makes it free for 7 days. Some people get seriously upset if they lose this opportunity to grab this program.

And why do developers drop their prices for their applications? In short, it is their marketing efforts. Make the program free or just drop the price developers easily on the fact that the app with the agreement will immediately get in the radar of these services that monitor the app store for app offers.

But why is it lucrative for developers? The designers draw attention to the user at the same time as employing a viral marketing effect. Millions of people using the current account can increase the number of downloads of ten or hundreds of applications, while adding the apple to the list of top applications that are always shown as top apps on iTunes. When applications approach top positions in the list, it becomes visible to other App Store viewers and gets even higher up in the list. The difference between the number of downloads for applications from the top ten applications shown on the main page in iTunes and those in the last dozen of the main applications in the list may be several sizes. Therefore, loss of a few days of sale can be weighted by increasing the app user group. Or developers use this method to increase the number of purchases in an application, if they have any products in applications available. It is clear that users also work and can download free programs that usually cost money.

So if you're looking for ways to track bids and pricing in the App Store, there are lots of online services that can meet your needs. They change daily through changes in the software store to keep you updated on all current offers and prices. And it depends on your personal preferences that serve you to choose to use.

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