Why buy an Android phone?

One of the most frequently asked questions is "Which is best for Android or Apple?" Okay, this is not one of the most common questions you asked, it's a bit strange, but it's that people who want to buy a new mobile phone tend to want to know.

You can create it in the background.

It's strange that people are automatically focused on Android phones or Apple when Sony Ericsson and Nokia are still content with their own mobile operating system. It has a simple explanation; Android and Apple are the biggest and the best.

Apple with Apple iPhone naturally exploded on the market, and smart phones never looked back. It was sold on 5 trillion phones (not really) until someone else decided to take them for their own play and it contained some courage; a market that is a firm suppressed, risky and expensive, and all the courage, sight and money.

Enter Google.

Google has successfully found the sanding of Apple phones, such as the 32GB iPhone 4 armor – the fact that it was so popular that many people turned off. It's so easy to say that there is an iPhone that people are a bit bored. Somehow it was so great that he started sorting out.

Added to the fact that it is very closed – oh, you can change your background and all this, but basically the phone does what it takes to use iTunes to organize all your music and apps.

Google has decided to try something else – Android. Android has reached a cool spot for several reasons;

Google makes – good enough

This is not Apple, which, as mentioned above, is really pretty good.

Allows you to perform things, bend and change and allow you to play inside the geek if you want, but lets you use it happily from the box.

Allows you to select the full range of phones between the cheap and the super smartphone.

Allows you to listen to ROM, allowing you to change things. After all, this phone, right?

Allows you to purchase cheap phones. Apple insists with a choice of 1; the iPhone (though in two colors), but Android phones are very different from Samsung Galaxy S to the excellent and much cheaper Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade).

So, you can mess with them, then Android seems to be the choice for you. Probably.

Source by Jamie Hyde

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