Why are Smartphones called "Smart"?

Smartphones are called smartphones for a very obvious reason. These mobile phones are higher when it comes to advanced ability to calculate as well as to communicate. The word "smart" is the perfect adjective to name this invention mobile phone where the platform is high technology and can decide the "outsmart" standard phone in terms of speed, shape and connection. Smartphones are jam products packed with features that should be used for both support and entertainment.

One of the most popular combinations made for the smartphone is a personal digital assistant. Briefly called as PDA or PA, it's an intelligent voice-enabled system that takes down tasks, organizes appointments and meetings, and basically all you need to do and reminds them one at a time at a certain time.

Apart from the PDA, another great feature of the smartphone is its high resolution camera. Previously, people are simply happy to have a VGA camera that can take pictures of medium quality. This was acceptable at the time when people knew that mobile phones are simply in communication and the camera is simply a feature and nothing more. Now people have become very demanding in terms of quality stills and cameras. In fact, most smartphones even have an LED flash so that the camera can be used even at night.

Another great feature of smartphone is a fast internet connection. Smartphone without fast browsing capability is insufficient as it is almost the reason why developers have gone out of improving the hardware and smartphone software. Smartphones can access data with a high speed WiFi connection or through a 3G network, as loading a page will only take another. It also ran out of sophisticated operating systems to ensure it will work like a small personal computer. You can also load it with lots of applications and games according to your smartphone & # 39; brand and software stack or operating system supported by middleware and commerce through which all applications are viewed.

Smartphone is an amazing technical breakthrough that has created bad days for many, professional or not. Sure, it's a bit expensive for some people, but can you just imagine the technology that is housed on every smartphone? The phone itself can cause dime, but the convenience, functionality and convenience that it provides is simply priceless. It's basically not a simple phone feature anymore than a device that has the power of mobile phone, personal computer, gaming console, automated scheduler, virtual personal assistant, high resolution camera and high definition camera all of a sudden pocket-sized device. If that's not amazing then I do not know what's!

Source by Luke Luchessi

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