Why Apple Computers Always Succeed With Their Products – Especially New iPad

The long list of Apple's success reflects unqualified loyalty to value, but not unique in the world of inventors, designers and artists, rare in the world of the 500 largest companies listed by Fortune.

The great success is the result of great passion, cruel pursuit of noble virtuosity. And for Apple, these values ​​are beauty. In his speech when he released the iPad, Jobs said over and over again: "Hold it, it's simply wonderful." I can not imagine that Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd showed similar interest in one of his products.

Guide, do not follow others. Apple has not always been an innovator in a new category, but it's always possible to redefine the category with a product or business model.

As a company, Apple seems committed to reviewing everyone's expectations. And then I think this is the source of the mystery that surrounds their products before they get into the market that goes far beyond simple competitive paranoid. It's just a way to surprise every parent hoping to see his children on Christmas day.

Importance never comes to commitments. It happens when you go beyond those obligations, when we say "this or that," we say "both". I think Apple understands this well and always challenges itself to make the impossible, produce products that are as sexy as Ferrari and as practical as Hyundai. But it goes beyond the products. Apple is one of the most efficient and innovative companies in the world. Reasonable people do not produce great discoveries.

Apple's innovation is not a coat made of varnish used on ordinary products. That is the basic thing that applies to each product and service. Since thin MacBook Air and store apps Apps Store, to Genius Bar. And I think Apple's many know that innovation is the only way to create value in the long run.

Focus on information. Apple is rightly welcomed for the design of its products, but it represents simple, high-quality sculptures, but of all the small things that conspire to make truly unusual. In the case of Apple, there is a magnetic plug of power cord of all of their laptops or the beautiful boxes and packaging included with each iPod. "

Think like an engineer, feel like an artist. Businesses can not create beautiful things if money makers make every battle. That's what I thought a year ago when I visited the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. As you can I said I'm a fan apple and I hope you will be one too, take care now.

Source by Earl Stanley

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