Why (and what) should you read if you want to drive?

My favorite quote (and yes, the word "quotation" "quotation" is a verb, thank you) from Harry S Truman (and no, no time for "S", no S abbreviation: "S" was the whole This is

"It's amazing what you can do if you do not care who gets the credit." But Harry S Truman's favorite suggestion is this:

"It's amazing, Not every reader is a leader … but every leader is a reader. "

(Before I go on, maybe I must note that we are talking here about" leaders ", not" people whose name is . "" Not necessarily the same thing. "

This is a simple equation: If you want to be a great driver, you must be a great reader

A wonderful article by StartUs Magazine Dave Olsen Outlines Five Reasons for Readers for Leaders:

  1. Reading highlights the current situation
  2. Reading Multiplies Our Experiences
  3. Reading allows us to spend time with enough people.
  4. Reading can quickly build our expertise.
  5. Reading results in escape.

If at least three of these five reasons are not concerned, then there is no business that calls you the leader. This is because most of these reasons are about growth, and if you are not interested in growth, you should not influence others. Period.

Of course, this question the question: what are you reading?

This is yours. But over the years, I developed a loose system for myself and was asked to steal (or any part of it) for itself.

This is my "system". There are always at least four books that go any time: Non-fiction book on my field For me this means driving, creativity / innovation and pressure. At the moment I read Choke: What the secrets of the brain reveal when to be.

  • A non-fiction book that can help me develop my business. This may include sales, marketing, social media, branding, networking, or any other topic. Now I've Read All About They: Grow Your Business Focusing With Others Bruce Turkel With My Friend.
  • A non-fiction book that has nothing to do with my business. These are, but not limited to, biographies and stories. Sometimes I can deliberately choose a theme that I do not need to have an interest (and I often change the book). Because of growth. I have read Divorced, finished, surviving: VIII. The Feminist Interpretation of Henrik's Wives Book It is preferable to quality fiction (rather to search Man Booker winners and winners), but sometimes only one entertaining "airplane book". This is my night, just reading my bed. I just finished Ruth Ozeki and I started Ian McEwan The innocent
  • I'm not saying you have to read four books all the time. But if you want to be a leader, you have to read it. Reading should be considered a priority and scheduled in the calendar.

    Because Harry S Truman was right.

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