Why Amazon's secret is disturbing your business

What do buyers give today? They are worried about buying value starting with the product or service like most of us think of value. However, a part of customer value balance today often fits with personal goals, such as shopping convenience, relevant information and / or experience, sustainability, branding, monetary incentives and technical equipment to make everything happen, as to mention a lot of more important factors.

Here is a precautionary caution regarding today's retail environment: If your company considers only the value of a trademark as the normal value of the product and / or the service you provide, you are ripe for disturbance!

Since It is our company to help you succeed with Internet technology. The focus of this article is the effective tool you can send to help create a better than normal customer experience. It may not be right to fit your business, but read on to determine yourself somehow.

How much we value business interruptions are usually associated with whether we are interfering or interfering. And when such a disorder is driven by genuine innovation, many more may benefit but not with such a disorder, and the world will be a better place.

Take Amazon for example. Is Amazon disturbing your business or helping your business? Maybe is Amazon frenemy brick-and-mortar retailer? If you are a vendor of packed products and you have an effective Amazon store, your daily shipments via the Amazon network can exceed your daily import period.

Even further, according to a recent survey, online buyers have the highest in terms of Amazon and may be more likely to buy the product because of this general sense of goodwill and trust that Amazon has built with customers.

Of course, Amazon Store can only be a click away from being a competitor too. Regardless of where the currency strikes on these business cards, I intend to suggest that all our business tasks are larger than any competitor. Amazon understands the high credibility of being a true entrepreneur by adding significant customer experience.

Here is a real problem: We are living nowadays as customers, competitors and technology change so quickly to common problems of diagnosis and problems

Adam Richardson, Creative Director of the International Innovation Firm Frog Design characterizes this

He gives two key things about what he calls in relation to business interference that affects all businesses regardless of size: INNOVATION X – Why the Hardest Business Company


  • POINT 1: Today we have disturbing competition and blurred industry boundaries as companies jump into each other's space ( this is a traditional way a business interferes with the market).
  • Point 2: Today facing challenging customers Who puts a higher premium on the experience skills of using product usage, how it makes them feel how it fits in their lives, what it interacts with others, aligns it with personal values who go beyond knowledge (19459003). This is a relatively new phenomenon … a related generation is running huge changes in the market .

Richardson describes this as leading, saying that "there is a need to create an integrated system of physical products, software, online experience and services that work as a whole. (Often, these integrated systems are the key to to meet customer needs in a way that is impossible from isolated offers. "

He is talking about something related to ecosystems, but that stuff is great and we need to fund it into one important detail if we have to gain A better understanding of what we could do to help SMB companies succeed in the fast-paced race.

Let's consider Amazon's secret weapon, which they have been using with great success, but not a huge fan in recent years. It facilitates and drives both customer experience and satisfaction.

Some of you are now using their secret weapon, it's good to have According to Millward Brown Digital Studies in early 2016, 76% of all digital customers have downloaded the Amazon application, and it is the longest confirmation of a mobile phone application in the United States. Next time Walmart is 33%.

If you are a B2B owner or manager, you might think like this, "I do not compete with Amazon, I do not sell consumer goods – none of this matters to my business!" If it's you, I'm amazed to read this far – but I'm glad you did. It's important that you do not miss out on programming technology too soon, even if you're not in a consumer business where rules on merchant interests apply.

What's the rule in any business is customer service and if a well-designed app can give you an edge of customer service, that could be one in your company's future.

Application technology is a device that can make a significant contribution to your business in the form of better customers and services, and if you think about how Amazon thinks about it – it's all about providing a better customer, experience and service, always .

Source by David Little

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