Whiz Kids: Worlds Leading iPhone Designers

These stories are truly true for the books. Kids at school have become the youngest iPhone developers of the world.

Lim Ding Wen

Join 11-year-old Lim Ding Wen from Singapore as amazing stories about the internet. Various articles say that this wondered guy's first experience with Apple IIS, the dominant model in the Apple II series of computers, came at seven.

You may even understand that Ding Wen is knowledgeable in many languages ​​like Java Script, Applesoft and Objective C, as most adults do not even understand. This child developed their first iPhone applications after being nine years old. Figures show that Ding Wen Doodle Kids were already downloaded more than 800,000 times through Android and Apple Platforms. Doodle Kids is simply great as it allows young users to draw features using the touchscreen and connect to Apple TV.

The boy is now celebrity. Ding Wen hosts the "Apple IIGS" program with two sisters on your father's You Tube channel, which is from the program "Invader War", which was recently released on the iOS platform. CNN International Network baptized one of the world's top iPhone developers as Singapore's "Icon of Cool".

Thomas Suarez

Another good technique is Thomas Suarez, 6th degree from South Bay, Los Angeles. The smart kid claims to have been inspired by late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and Pixar. Apple's Software Development Kit, released in 2008, encouraged him to develop individual applications. Thomas finally started selling these creative technologies and started a club for club members to let him share programming options. As one of the youngest developers, Thomas Suarez describes a noble vision: Young students are technical resources and should be able to share their knowledge in order to increase their education in information technology.

Aaron Bond

Aaron Bond is from the UK and belongs to the artist one of the youngest iPhone developers. 13-year-old kid was responsible for developing Spud Run Game in 2011 with the help of good friend Sebastian McNeil. At the age of eight, Aaron had a small company designing websites. The game involves guiding the mashed potato through a difficult maze within 40 seconds before she flatters. Duo was able to buy sophisticated equipment that cost 1,400 kr. That was obtained from a friend's repair and # 39; computers. Another Five Geniuses

More whiz kids are coming around the world. A few years ago, like TJ Pluchahek from Portland; Jónas Grant from Chicago; Stephen Huber from Detroit, Michigan; Joe Constan and Andrew Rauh from Dearborn, Michigan, came out as four of the busy developers. This new type of programming experts has already come up with money-intensive ideas for new devices and platforms. Expect these iPhone Designers to enter into agreements that will definitely raise eyebrows. These young technicians will definitely produce more iPhone applications in the next few years and encourage other young people to follow their footsteps.

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