White iPhone 4 Vs Black iPhone 4: This is a Sexiest thing?

If any technology tool has two colors, one of the first questions that you always ask is: "One color is male and the other is female?" The simple answer when the white iPhone 4 vs Black iPhone 4 is not. In fact, many discussion forums and websites have dealt with this issue. Although there is no hard evidence from Apple, it seems that the color of iPhone is rather based on individual taste than gender-specific guidelines.

We received a questionnaire at Macforum.com asking the iPhone users to indicate what color iPhone is and what their gender is. The questionnaire was surprising.

  • Male black with iPhone: 106 or 53.54%
  • Male with white iPhone: 72 or 36.36%
  • Female black with iPhone: 10 or 5.05%
  • ] 5.05%

Although this survey is by no means scientific, it does not provide any insight. Men are more likely to have a black iPhone than a white iPhone, but women are as likely (although this is a much smaller sample size). Surveys on other websites have returned the same results, but in most cases, women also selected black iPhones under the white iPhone. Asked which color iPhone 4 would like the results to be consistent.

The point is that both men and women prefer black iPhones to be white. On the iPhone 3G and 3G devices, white and black models were offered, while black sold white. The same applies to Google searches when you release a new iPhone. Early when both black and white iPhone 4 were released, average monthly Google searches over the black iPhone 4 exceeded the white iPhone 4. The black iPhone 4 had 2,900 searches while the white iPhone 4 10% on the board, both male and female black iPhones are much more popular than white brentren. The fact that it seems to have been lost most that these white and black iPhones are not pink and black iPhones. If that were the case, then probably more emphasis would be given to gender preference.

When multiple people asked what color iPhone wanted, the answers would never be uniform on the basis of gender:

"I'll get the white iPhone 4 because it's a clear viewpoint and I hear your finger the spots will not show up. "-Trent Pirillo

" I like the black iPhone 4 in fine design, chrome looks better in black than white. " -Julie Hodge

It's hard to tell if the color of iPhone is a sex thing. From interviews and interviews, it turns out that the color of iPhone is a sex thing. According to internet surveys, it does not seem that gender has anything to do with the color of iPhone that one person chooses. It's very similar to most people like the black iPhone under the white iPhone. it would be interesting for Apple to release gender statistics. Choose which one to choose?

Source by Walter Rand

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