Which factors affect longevity?

Your lung line is one of the most important organs in the body. They allow you to breathe and get a good amount of oxygen. They also help to eliminate carbon dioxide from the blood. Oxygen will help the body to become healthy and vibrant. One of the factors that shows how healthy your lung is, is lung function.

What is lung function? This is the maximum oxygen concentration of the lungs. There is a quantity of air that can be breathed. When you are still young, the lung pack is usually very big. However, there are certain things that affect it. Let us discuss some of them.

The first factor is age. The body of children works better than the body of adults. This is because when you age, your body also feels and the organs are not as healthy as before. This is the same for your lungs. The older you become, the lower the air you can keep. This is the reason why many older people breathe fast and try to catch their breath.

Another item is food. That is correct! The food you eat affects lung function. For example, if you consume fruit rich in Vitamin C and E, you can improve the ability of your lungs to keep air. Vitamin C and E are important vitamins and antioxidants that cleanse organs from harmful substances. Examples of this are citrus fruit and green green vegetables. Now you have more reasons to eat your vegetables. A diet that is high in fat, for example, is not good because it will increase your weight – which brings us to the next team.

The third factor is weight. According to studies, people with obesity have lower lung function. This is because a lot of energy is used to disperse nutrients into the body. You need more oxygen to make sure your entire body gets the amount they need. This is the reason why when you see obese people you can easily notice that they breathe fast especially after doing physical exercises.

The fourth factor is a disease. If you have breathing difficulties, it may affect the ability and overall function of the lungs. If you think your breath is shorter and shorter, contact your doctor immediately.

There are many ways to improve your ability. However, the best known method is through breathing exercise. You should always worry about how you breathe. You need to take oxygen while you can fill your lungs. This will help the lungs to expand more. You can then breathe slowly to avoid lungs. Improve your lung function and you will have more oxygen inhalation.

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