Where to get an iPhone 4 for free

You are probably wondering how you can get it for free (I assume why you read this article). Well, do not worry if you're not heavy and you do not have to pay a lot of money and time.

It's as easy as 1-2-3 to get an iPhone 4g for free. Just follow the steps and soon your iPhone will be yours!

first Step
Go to a site that issues a free iPhone and sign up for an email address.

2nd Step
After signing in, you must do some trial versions. Some offers are free, others spend money. You always have a lot of good deals to choose from, so just choose the ones you like best.

3rd Step
Give some people to complete the bids. Find some of your friends who want a free iPhone 4 and get them on the same site.

After you finish the deal, your job is over and your company will send the new iPhone 4.

You may think that this too good-the-true transaction is some kind of scam. How can a company allow it to send an expensive phone completely free of charge to anyone who does a few simple deals? Simply put, this type of marketing is called affiliate marketing and companies are operating that give the small business full pay for a small prize every time someone completes an offer. The freebie company will reward you with a free phone because it helped them generate revenue.

Source by Leslie Coki

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