When cell phones swim

It finally happens. Mobile phones are comprehensive technology, revolutionizing how we interact and communicate. They travel with us everywhere. Which always means, even the prospective consumer winds up with damage to their mobile phone. Many times, there is water damage. Mobile phones are notorious to find ways in water: Their owners have dropped them into the body of water that is big like sea or as little as mugs.

Fortunately, water damage is not always fatal for your mobile phone. Repairing a mobile phone repair offer some important tips to accidentally recover your mobile phone. Most importantly, obviously, is to get the device out of the water as soon as possible. Next, remove the battery and SIM card immediately and wipe them carefully. Water carries an electric current, which means that your battery can really damage the phone more than the water can, fry the internal circuit. The SIM card is removed for some reason: They actually have a pretty good survival rate; Even though cell phone repairers can not revive your phone, your data and contacts can at least live with this step.

Shake your phone to get as much water as possible. Keep it well. You do not want to throw your mobile phones against the wall while trying to save it. When you can not get more water from your phone, start wiping it dry and push it with a paper to remove all the water you can. Squeeze the corners of the towel in the phone's cracks; Water pressure in water causes a towel to be worn, even though you can not get towels very far into the phone.

You can use a low vacuum to extract water from your phone, but never use a hairdryer, which causes water to penetrate deeper into the phone. When you can not get another drop on your phone it's time to wait. Put it somewhere sunny and well-ventilated, and give water left in the day to evaporate. After a day, try the phone. If it works, it will probably survive. If not, you may need to see a specialist in cell repair to correct the remaining problems.

Source by Jeff Gasner

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