What's so great about visible play?

Attending games can draw the attention and understanding of many viewers. One can imagine that these difficulties have only increased with the advent of smartphones and constant interference. Nevertheless, the message of this classical production can revive even more in culture with so many basic types of fun. "Waiting for Godot" is the classic work of Beckett about two lost and confused characters. "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" take a similar view and build two characters in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Both of these guards seem almost as relatable today as they were already first written, but what makes these types of production so timeless?

Existence Only … Is

You probably think of "Cogito ergo Sum" and dozens of other basic information from philosophy 101, but existenceism is one of these philosophers, which explains itself. Our own existence is the only real thing. Many philosophical discussions can be easily substantiated and forced from each side – what is the ultimate goal of mankind? How much can you sacrifice for good people? However, it is difficult to truly ignore the basic assumptions of existence. We do not want to spend our lives waiting for a guy named Godot, so most of us prefer to believe more. We choose to believe that performance, prints or results have some real merit, but some nagging things suspect that it is all self-awareness.

This worldview has been for centuries

The Book of the Preacher has a lot of creativity, which is surprising to people who are less familiar with the Bible: "Possible, pointless, all meaningless." Other translations use the poetic phrase, "chase after the wind." The book is sometimes driven to Solomon, but the most important thing is that the narrative shows that he has tried everything. He has benefited from money, fame and knowledge, but none of them gave a deep satisfaction. The final advice is surprising for the Bible, as many might expect a lesson about cleanliness or fasting. The writer says that much discussion: "Get a glass of wine with the woman you love because none of this will matter when you're dead." It sounds a bit, but it's better than standing on the road in one of Beckett's games.

These Playful Home

There are different methods of these core ideas. If you have Christian viewers, it might be better to start with something like "J.B." By Archibald MacLeish. This American production follows the Bible history of Job, but much of the action consists of a two-letter conversation. In "J.B." Are the characters of Mr. Zuss and Nickle's sellers in the circus, but they take up masks (representing God and Satan) to argue about Job's suffering. Other characters appear and check the history of Job in a modern environment, but the audience is taken on an undeniably dark journey. Nickles does a great job by presenting Satan's arguments and the audience is thinking about the final message.

For plays that reflect on a deep stage with the playgroup, a great idea is to dabble into a little affection once a few years.

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