What's in the Store for iPhone Application Development in 2013?

2013 is just starting and there are very few people who can respond to the question of the future of iPhone application development in 2013, but one thing is certain that the developers have made good news this year. According to Cupertino's latest press release, over 40 billion app downloads have been downloaded from the Apple App Store. This is a huge number, but what makes it even more exciting is the fact that almost half of the downloads were made in 2012.

With over 500 million active accounts, the Apple App Store has been leaps and bounds in 2008. This year, some interesting figures have been shown that users spend a lot more applications than before. In the month of December, there were almost 2 billion downloads, which is approx. 750 applications download every second, which is a staggering number. This is a very good news for iOS Application Developers who have made great efforts to create an ecosystem of applications that are good on all platforms on all platforms.

With nearly 775,000 ecosystems, Apple has certainly created an application market that has inspired many enthusiasts from the developer community. What is even louder is the fact that even after so much speculation that iOS 2013 will prevent the number of apps from running iOS, the application development process can not be experienced with any downturn. You'll find about 200,000 active viewers in the App Store that provide apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.

For Apple, the most capitalizing thing was to be able to earn money on your applications like any platform. The iOS App developer paid Apple $ 7 billion in paid mammoth. This means that Apple has created more than $ 10 billion from the App Store. This is a huge number, considering that most 775,000 apps are free in the App Store. But there are many ads that generate much revenue for Apple and developers.

The biggest piece of revenue comes from the toy shop's games. If you look at the top ten apps in the App Store, eight out of eight of the ten best iPhone apps are games, while the iPad is number seven. This means iOS users spend more games than traditional apps. Apple's App Store has been invaluable in all aspects of revenue generation. In-app purchases have also increased significantly in recent years. People do not just download paid apps from the App Store, they also buy recharges and extra services. More than two thirds of the App Store revenue comes from in-app purchases. This has ensured that developers can pay for the Applications and provide a more intuitive experience for users.

Undoubtedly, the Apple App Store is the most lucrative marketplace, and its closest rival is just a fraction of what Apple pays to developers. As far as 2013 is concerned, you can not deny the fact that this trend will continue and Apple will be able to generate more revenue from Monetization of the App.

This encourages developers to make iOS more on other platforms. Android may have a larger user base than iOS, but from the developer community point of view, iOS for many is Apple's eye.

Source by Cristina Scabbia

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