What you need to know Download the BlackBerry software

Although BlackBerry is absolutely everywhere, you have to live under rock to not hear about the amazing iPhone success. If the iPhone App Store is the heart of its popularity, BlackBerry users are better off repeating.

Few people seem to know it, but they do. Many of the BlackBerry applications out there are free, easy to download and do whatever you ever want your phone to do. Calendars, specialized calculators, games, reference manuals, news and social networking software are just a few examples of the power of BlackBerry, but a lot of people have not yet taken advantage.

Download Method # 1: BlackBerry App World

Good: BlackBerry App World is a public challenge RIM to the iPhone App Store. You can buy (if the software is not free and most are free) and download software right on BlackBerry when you're on the go. It works anywhere and sets "over air" which means no computer is involved, just your phone that downloads the software directly from the internet via the cellular network (or WiFi).

How to use it: Visit the RIM website and search for App World. It will give you a web address for installation. Simply open the website of your browser on BlackBerry. From there, you can download App World on your phone over the air. Once installed, you can start downloading applications in your heart's content!

Bad: First of all, it's not compatible with all BlackBerry. The latest ones can use it, but if you are an "experienced" model it is probably incompatible. BlackBerry App World is not as open to individual developers as the Apple App Store. Now, although the big name of the software you use is often from big companies (say Facebook app), the most popular mobile apps out there are from more "boutique" developers and more useful tools tend to be less common as they need to be defined by definition. For this reason, it may be best to look elsewhere for special tools that you can not find on BlackBerry App World . In addition, apps on App World will usually be more expensive than elsewhere (if paid applications) because RIM costs fees and responsibilities that adds to the cost of developers.

Goodbye: There are tons of websites out there that sell software for all kinds of mobile phones, including BlackBerry.

Download Method # 2: Online BlackBerry App "Retailers"

Good: There are tons of web sites out there that sell software for all kinds of mobile phones, including BlackBerry . The good news about this is that you can shop through different online products in the same way you can look in different clothing accessories. You can find a store that you like selling software that suits you and your needs. Much is free and the ones you have to pay for are generally very high quality. Technical support is pretty good, especially for paid applications. It's all about specialization and ability to offer infinite different types of software for BlackBerry.

How to use it: Start at http://www.handango.com . These pages will relate to others where you can continue searching. Different pages have different delivery methods. Many of them use over-air systems like App World.

Bad: If you search for a highly sophisticated app, use App World. Sometimes installation process is not so simple, but usually you will not be in trouble.

Download Method # 3: Google, Google, Google

Good: If there exists, you can find it. If that does not exist, you'll probably be able to find something that's very similar. That is, you will find what you search 99 times out of 100. No matter how specialized, someone has just done it and you can find it. It may or may not, but the BlackBerry software is usually fairly rewarded. It will be rare to pay more than access to movies. Finally, you will almost certainly find a version that works with your BlackBerry model.

How to use it: Guess how. Get started from Google (or other search engine like Yahoo, etc.). And search "(insert whatever you want) for BlackBerry." Different sites will have different delivery methods. Many of them must be downloaded. Some of them may also allow you to connect BlackBerry to your computer through USB and click a mouse button to install it. All of this will be explained on individual sites.

Bad: If you do not know what you are looking for, you might lose!

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