What you need to know about App Store Optimization

It's about number of apps in the App Store and on Google Play. This figure has grown in rushes, and now there's somewhere around a million apps for each store. The Windows Phone Store has one fifth million, but there is also a large number. For newcomers, it's easy to lose and never find. The owners of smartphones and tablets go to the appliance, browse through applications, top-level applications, open the search, and enter various words related to the apps they want to discover; and it's just great for you if your application is available there.

You need to market your application the right way, but as much you have to think about ASO or the talent app store. The purpose of ASO is simple – get a higher ranking in search results on the stores in the application. As a result, you find the program easier. A simple search of software applications accounts for more than half app discovery. That's why making you visible is a great opportunity to reach your target audience. But first, you need to understand how they try to find what they need. This means the words people use to discover new apps in the App Store and Google Play. There are these searches that can lead to increased downloads and it is the widest app discovery channel.

What affects your app's ranking?

First, we should mention a keyword. You need to do research to find relevant keywords that can (and should) change regularly (read: optimism) for better visibility. It is a full app name, which must contain the main keywords. There are other factors that are important but can not be managed directly: ratings, reviews, and total downloads. However, all these effects affect the ranking – the better they are, the higher the ranking. Let's look at the first two factors that are under your control.

App Name. A full app name is more than a short word or two that people will see on their homescreens. It's unique and it will undoubtedly contain key keywords related to it. This name is a key to search, so miss this opportunity. However, the name does not lack creativity and look boring, otherwise many might also miss it. Finding a balance is not easy, but it's worth spending time.

Keyword. What words would you like to enter if you searched for an application like yours? What would others do? Look at the top keywords related to your essence. Then there are choices of less competitive keywords that can help the application go higher – get the traffic areas you've missed from your rivals. And in between are the words that occupy medium search volume, which are also useful. Pay particular attention to the location of your keywords – more languages ​​take more time, but it is very important to reach new markets. Do not hesitate to experiment and experiment with keywords to succeed. Then keep track of your performance at a certain time to find the best setting – probably you will not be able to come up with a perfect keyword in the beginning.

Software update is not a minor issue. You need to work with keywords, get good ratings and reviews and track the results. Go to the perfect set of keywords by researching and optimizing. You should not start calculating them for the day before the proposed submission. A good app always involves the risk of being unnoticed if it suffers from a lack of preparation and planning. Good results will not appear soon. They will take time and effort, but along with a great icon and briefly informative description, the chances of seeing and evaluating the app will increase.

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