What smartphone should you get – and why?

On average, Joe, who is looking for a smartphone, can look confusing and annoying. Understanding basic decision-making factors is crucial. Here you are going ….

First, the difference between BlackBerry and Treo – push versus drag technology. Pressed technology means every time you receive an email in your mailbox, get it on BlackBerry. With drag technology, whenever you want to review your email, ask the unit to grab it from the server. I'd rather drag technology because I do not want to constantly interrupt my desk, let alone when I'm mobile!

Also what environment / operating system do you prefer? Windows Mobile environment works very well if you use Outlook and Exchange Server – all Microsoft products. However, if you do not, I recommend that you look at a Palm device. Palm comes with its own TouchPad software – but also synchronizes with Outlook (connected to USB port and push button) and is very stable operating system (operating system).

But before you search for phones, what service provider are you considering? Tmobile has older technology; Sprint / Nextel has a good reputation, but the Treo 700p Regin receives mixed reviews especially for their email. Beat skin Not all phone networks are equal.

Next, you will need to make sure you get an unlimited data plan (and if you can make them throw unlimited text – the better). Do not forget the insurance, these devices are expensive. Pay extra $ 7.00 or so per month for full insurance and peace of mind.

Of course, there are also issues. Units will probably be released at some point. Speech can literally save you hours on your phone / feet when the unit is not broken!

It's gone. Facts, facts, and nothing but facts.

Source by Michael Lemm

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