What really makes the iPhone 4 really revolutionary? This is not what you would expect

Is the latest version of Apple iPhone truly revolutionary? Is it technically advanced that it is not like the market? If so, what features are actually on the market separate. Some people say that the retina display. Some people say that video chat is done with FaceTime. I beg you to be different, the function that distinguishes this phone is really amazing.

When the first iPhone was released, the Internet and the phone were finally created in a user-friendly and entertaining way, without making the experience too technical. This has been a major step forward in mobile internet. When the iPhone 3G was released, the biggest changer is here that you can now dive into the home or office environment on the Internet and not wait too long to receive the information. Moreover, there is no more web application! True, you have installed native applications on your phone that can do more than what Apple can imagine. The biggest converter with iPhone 3Gs is unfortunately the most unused feature and this compass. This has opened options such as now that you can navigate the phone. But really the most innovative use of the iPhone 3G is Augmented Reality. In short, Augmented Reality allows you to coordinate and specifically overlay the information you seek in the search engine.

This leads to the new iPhone 4. Faster, definitely. The screen looks completely brilliant, fonts are so sharp, no more pixels. 5MP camera that looks both ways and HD video is perfect complement. Oh, yes, this is better … and FaceTime. Last but not least, it is multi-tasking. Having said all of this, none of us can be considered "game variables". Excellent additions, yes. But it was only a matter of time. What we really are concerned about is the biggest and most hidden feature of the new iPhone with Gyroscope!

What is gyroscope? Basically, iPhone 4 can detect movements on 6 axes: pitch, roll and yaw! You can now get in touch with your environment rather than relying on the top views of GPS data. This is just an example of how the new iPhone technology will take you. In the simplest form, gaming applications are much more accurate than the first jigsaw game used in the app store. We believe that the iPhone 4's real changer is not all the obvious updates that Apple leaves slowly. No, the best thing about this gyroscope.

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