What Palm Centro Smart Phone has to offer

When mobile phones first entered the market, people believed that simply it would be just an extension of modern popular phones found in most homes. There was no imminent need to have a phone wherever people went during the day. Since then, the mobile phone market has changed rapidly. The first phones started basic calls to make and receive calls. From there, the phone is expanded to offer voice mail. Today, virtually nothing the mobile phone can not do.

In steps of Palm Centro Smart Phone from Sprint. This phone will be released on the market with a price tag of $ 99. While it may seem a bit expensive for novice mobile phone users, many people want to know that smart phones usually carry a price tag much higher volume. The Centro Smart Phone is a merger of typical mobile phones and smartphones – all depends on one. The look is a normal mobile phone. There are features available that make your phone smart phone. Sprint hopes that a new phone will appeal to those users in the transition period. Here is not a completely justified need for your smartphone; But the desire is certainly there.

Getting in touch has never been easier with the Palm Centro Smart Phone. Messages are taken to a new level. Regular text messages are still available but with a new look. The multimedia capability of this phone enables you to record video and pictures with text messages. Popular messaging services like AIM; MSN and Yahoo Messenger can occur as part of the pre-loaded feature on this phone. This allows for conversation in messages that occur on circles or homework to arrive on the trip. Internet capabilities allow for email to come along as well. In the box you can check as often as necessary so that all important business dealings never notice missed.

Latest Bluetooth technology allows for handsfree features on your phone. With more states that crack down on the drivers behind the wheel and on the phone, the driver allows to continue conversation and keep a safe eye on the road. Palm Centro Smart Phone comes equipped with an internet connection. This allows for popular websites like myspace; Youtube; and E! Entertainment can be accessed wherever the user must be at the moment.

Another attractive media talent of Palm Centro Smart Phone is about traveling an MP3 player. Pre-loaded with Pocket Tunes Deluxe music application, you can download selected music and store in the virtual memory section of your phone. You can access these songs to create music collections or certain ringtone for contact book entries. Sprint TV multi media function allows for live television viewing on Palm Centro Smart Phone. The crisp 320 x 320 pixel color touch screen provides high quality resolution of popular TV shows. With these features, there is never a need to miss the evening news or the latest gossip show.

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