What makes iPhone 6 better than the iPhone 5?

At the end of 2014, Apple launched its new flagship mobile phone, the iPhone 6. It saw that thousands of fans queuing outside of Apple Stores around the world. One question, however, is still worth updating the iPhone 5? Design

Design really fits into personal preferences; but the iPhone 6 looks slightly larger than its predecessor, but seems to be slightly thinner than 7.6mm. The latest device also lost voice 2 and gave a new brand that still has a retro look. However, the iPhone 6 is also less wicked, which means it is more prone to slipping the hand, so we highly recommend a case to avoid the unfortunate accidents that will result in an iPhone visit

However, the iPhone 6 screen is for a few inches won the iPhone 5s high at 4.7 inches. This is the biggest leap in screen size since Apple entered the mobile phone market in 2007. Screen resolution itself increased the 750 x 1334 jump. The colors are accurate, the saturation is accurate and there is only the right purity. 19659004] However, the iPhone 5's display is still of outstanding quality, but if you're looking for a mobile phone with a wide screen and excellent display, choose iPhone 6.


Apple has upgraded its new flagship processor to a Dualcore A8 processor with an M8 processor, which means scrolling in menus is much faster. However, in a rather disappointing way, Apple has printed only 1 GB of RAM, which means that the status of the application will not be saved for a very long time and the web sites need to re-download it.

Faster navigation of menus and faster web browsing mean that it's good for the performance to improve iPhone 6.

Battery life

As its predecessor, the iPhone 6 contains no removable battery. Fully charged for medium to heavy use. However, the battery is charging quite quickly and does not need to be plugged in for a long time on the power cord.

Based on these criteria, we only recommend updating your phone when you are on a mobile phone with a larger screen when using blister speeds for your use.

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