What makes Apple iOS 5.0 the best?

Mobile application development is gaining everything new by launching Apple's iOS 5.0 and iPhone 5. Apple lived up to its reputation of being an entrepreneur where he unveiled the earthquake of incredible features and services of IOS 5.0 and iPhone 5.

Charging with more than 200 new features, iOS 5 is set to bring imagination in mobile phone development, while iPhone 5 makes usability even better. Upgrading to iOS 5.0 will introduce you to advanced technology and functionality that makes everything easier.

App folder, universal mailbox and data detector and applications that simplify multitasking are highlights Apple's latest offers. Some of the key features that make the new Apple iOS game change are-

Notification Center- For all notifications of your iOS device, one location has been created with this new notification system. Screw down the top of any screen that brings you to the Notification Center, where you can easily track all your notifications. You can choose which notification you want to see based on applications, time, etc. You can continue with current tasks as new notifications appear at the top of your screen for a while. You can activate the notifications on the lock screen in one shot.

iMessage-New messaging service has been created for all iOS 5 users since unlimited text messages can be made between iOS devices. All it takes is Wi-Fi or 3G to use it. It is integrated into Messages app and allows group messages as well. You can start a conversation on one iOS device and start the same place where you went to another.

iCloud Integration-This service makes data sharing bubbles. It's a combination of free services that contain iTunes, Photo Stream, and cloud documents. It automatically and wirelessly stores iCloud and pushes all iOS devices. Any updates or changes made to content on a single device will automatically be updated to everyone else. It is seamlessly integrated into the applications and allows data transfer more than 5GB between the iOS devices.

Siri – Your words are Siri's command. This feature works like an intelligent assistant with help that you can create simply by asking. You can speak naturally as Siri shows the context as you ask. With Siri, you can do almost all tasks, right from calling text messages to find answers, instructions, set up meetings, etc. Even complex calculations can be done simply by asking.

Kiosk-This helps to organize your magazine and newspaper exam. Accessing your favorite versions is easier and faster as well as automatic update of new issues with the latest reviews. New sites specifically for magazine and newspaper subscriptions in the App Store can be accessed directly from Newsstand.

PC Free-Apple devices are no longer subject to computer. Mac or a computer is not required to use applications on iPad or iPod touch, and free iOS software updates can be downloaded directly to these devices while iCloud can facilitate auto-backup.

These features provide guidance on bigger and better ways of innovation and inventions that are accessible to iPhone 5 developers with new iOS.

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