What is TIFF, PNG format?

What does TIFF format mean?

.TIF is Tagged Image File Format. This is a file format for graphics for Macintosh and personal computer (PC) systems. Mosaic also supports .TIF format. .TIF was developed by Microsoft and Albus. The file format development is used to store high resolution images in color, grayscale and bitmap mode. This is a platform for an independent file format. You can view .TIF images in PC and Macintosh or reverse the process. It is primarily designed for scanning because high-resolution, scanned images are needed in applications.

What does the PNG format mean?

The file format .PNG is Portable Network Graphics. This is an approved file format that the World Wide Web Consortium

is an alternative to GIF files. Because GIFs need a patented LZW compression algorithm, they will incur extra costs. So the .png promotion is allowed by WWW. Although initially, .png was not specifically designed for the Internet, but actually fulfills the goal. It has a greater compression capability. File size is much smaller than GIF files. In .png files, 2D interlinking and, most importantly, storing the text attached to the image is made easier for search engines.

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